10 Awesome Gadgets You Can Build Around the Office

April 14, 2017

Sometimes work just seems to drag on and you find yourself with nothing to do but “look busy.” Instead of just sitting there accomplishing nothing, why not try to build something out of supplies you can find around the office? Here are 10 awesome gadgets you can build with spare office supplies – just don’t let your boss see!

[Image Source: Russell Yarwood via Flickr]

Desktop Catapult

[Image Source: bo’meara via Instructables]

To help you in all of that cubicle warfare you’re surely engaged in, make sure to ramp up your desk with this simple little catapult. You can build this in just a few minutes and probably have hours of fun. Try launching jelly beans into your coworker’s mouth. Launch spitballs at your manager. The possibilities are endless.

X-Wing Fighter

[Image Source: spookylean via Instructables]

This office build is for the true Star Wars fan and someone who needs some extra decor next to their computer. With this project sitting on your desk, you will have a solid answer to what you spend your time doing in the office.

Office Crossbow

[Image Source: ManMadeDIY]

HR highly recommends that you do not build or use this in the office. If you want to take the risk or if you are looking for a great way to quit your job, this is it. You can now have office battles with your coworkers by using this surprisingly powerful pencil shooting crossbow.

Propeller Powered Airplane

[Image Source: Kurt E. Clothier via Instructables]

Most office supply gadgets don’t actually work, but this one is quite a bit more impressive. It uses a rubber band and some office-crafted supplies to create an airplane that flies. This is for the office engineer that wants to take their building skills to the next level.

Liquid Fueled Rocket

[Image Source: Tool Using Animal via Instructables]

Finally, the most dangerous office toy we can imagine! This uses canned air as the fuel and a hollowed out sharpie as the rocket tank. If your boss sees you making this in your cubicle, I would recommend that you just start packing up your desk then. In all seriousness, this project would be a blast to try at least once.

Thumb Tack Booby Trap

[Image Source: PocketSized via Instructables]

Are your coworkers always coming by your desk and stealing your office supplies? This project is perfect for you. Build this project at your own risk, but you certainly won’t have any problems with sticky-handed coworkers coming around after you deploy this on your desk.

Grappling Gun

[Image Source: soxrawesome2 via Instructables]

Have you always want to rappel down cubicle walls like James Bond? Well, now you can – although you probably still shouldn’t. You can build this rubber band powered grappling hook with ease. It probably will only barely hold up hanging under its own weight, but it would be fun to see what you can hook onto.

Compressed Air Rocket

[Image Source: S1nkl33k via Instructables]

If you have a spare can of air lying around, then you can easily turn your office into a rocket test pad. Whether you’ve always wanted to be an engineer for NASA or have dreams of going to space, you can now do it all by pretending within the confines of your office.

Variable Paper Resistor

[Image Source: science4u via Instructables]

This project is probably one of the most surprising things you can do with office supplies. If you are wanting to hone your electrical engineering skills, then build this variable resistor that isn’t really good for anything other than playing with a multimeter.

High-Speed Spinner Top

[Image Source: Kipkay via Instructables]

If all of these projects on this list were too complicated for you, then this last project is exactly what you need. By bending a paper clip in this way, you can create a fast-spinning top. It’s the perfect fidget toy for when you are reading those long reports.

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