10 Creative Bookmark Designs That Are Way Better Than Folded Page Corners

February 4, 2017

Have you ever read a book? Good for you, read more. Do you often lose your place because you don’t have a decent bookmark?  The days of using receipts, train tickets, pieces of string or other assorted household items are gone. Reading is a pleasure, so why not make it even better with cool, creative bookmarks.

Fancy a bleeding bookmark while enjoying a thriller? Perhaps you need a handy method to retrieve a book from a bookshelf? Or you have a little difficulty reading without your glasses? How about combining bookmarks with stickers to make a cute little cityscape. You can even use these methods to inspire your little one to read.

The following ten options are handpicked creative custom design bookmarks, some might technically be “book storage devices” we’ve gleaned from the world wide web. So without futher ado, here is our hand-picked list, in no particular order, of the top ten creative bookmarks on the market.

1. P-Hook

P-Hook is a two for one. It saves your reading progress and provides a handy method of easily retrieving your book from the library. How could you possibly not need this fantastic entry on our list of bookmarks? You’re pulling my leg, right? Sorry awful, these little beauties come in packs of twelve so you’ll never need another bookmark again! Well until you’ve marked your progress on a dozen. Shut up and take my money!

[Image Source: fishki.net]

2. Magnifying Camera

Another two for one bookmark here, maybe three if you love camera shaped merchandise. This ultra-thin wonder acts both as a bookmark and as a magnifying lens for those who have trouble reading without glasses. It would, of course, be very useful for technical or art magazines to help you “zoom in” on some images. It would also make a great novelty present for that special photographer in your life. Nice piece.

[Image Source: Kikkerland]

3. Finger Pointing

Well now, what do we have here? I was looking for a stretchy bookmark but this one actually tracks the exact sentence. Blooming ingenious. Why be content with just the page? Produced by Finex this product is an absolute must for those who tend to nod off mid-sentence or hate using highlighters to mark importance sentences.

[Image Source: 25TOGO DESIGN]

4. Be Right Back…

This is perfect for the avid reader. The well designed BRB is a clever tool for anyone who eats through books. With this tool, you can easily pick up where you left off, like most bookmarks, but it actually looks pretty cool too. There is also a version that says “You are here” if you’re looking for some variety.

[Image Source: Edelight]

5. Reading light

Do you read a lot in bed? Do you have a bedside table? Perfect, this creative reading light is also an alternative solution to your bookmarking needs. If you are anything like me, you often put your bookmark somewhere only to completely forget where you placed it. The last thing you want to do is get up and look for/ it or fetch a new one. Why bother?

Although technically speaking this might not be considered a bookmark, this two in one option provides a reading light and a page saver in one. It is an absolutely fantastic idea. It contains LED lighting and sensors to detect when you place the book on it to automatically turn off.


[Image Source: Relogik]

6. Liquid Bookmark

Leave your bloody mark on a book with this fantastically designed, and frankly, beautiful object. Designed by Kyouei Designer Kouichi Okamoto, it replicates a melting or a bleeding book. Each one is hand cut out of silicone and offers a unique bookmark for the reader. The bookmark is soft and flexible and it literally flows from the pages. Initially only sold in the Designboom-Store, Tokyo, the creative piece attracted huge demand and is now sold worldwide.

[Image Source: Connox]

7. Sticky Page Markers

Personally, I’d be spending more time designing a sticker diorama than conducting some constructive reading with these. Designed and sold by Duncan Shotton Design Studios, these allow you to create miniature scenes and landscapes to your liking. The designer believes that bookmarks does not need to be charming alone, but work as a group. There are 11 packs to choose from to depict natural landscapes, environments, cities, famous landmarks, buildings and fictional characters. Use them to mark important quotes, photos or sections in books and catalogs while letting your inner set designer come out. Absolutely charming to be honest.

[Image Source: Duncan Shotton]

8.  Help

Designed by Korean studio i3lab, these cute custom paperclips resemble tiny metal people trapped in your book. These little monkeys give you a hand to find where you left off.

[Image Source: LikeCool]

9. Pokemon 

Indulge me here. I saw these and simply couldn’t resist including them on the list. With the recent popular revival of  Pokemon last year, thanks to Pokemon Go, any child of the 90’s will have fond memories of these cute little creatures. Even if you weren’t hooked on the Gameboy games you’ll certainly recognize the characters. With its popularity never really fading for hardcore fans, these “Pokemon butt” bookends are surely a must buy. Designed by Ukrainian artist Olena Mysnyk, these little beauties let you adorn your precious books with your equally precious favorite Pokemon. You can theme your books too, Charmander for a fire related book or Squirtle for an adventure on the high seas, the choice is yours.

[Image Source: MyBookmark]

10. Zipper Bookmark

Unzip your book just where you left off with this playful and colorful zipper design mark. Peleg’s Zipmark is a novel and cute design for a humble bookmark. Stylish and attractive at the same time and it comes in various colors.

[Image Source: PelegDesign]

So there you go. Would you buy any of these amazing items? There are thousands of options for other designs on the market, as you’d expect and you can even make your own very easily. What would you include?

Sources: boredpanda.com

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