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TrackingPoint lock-and-launch technology

Jason Schauble, the president of TrackingPoint, is a former special ops Marine captain who was awarded with Silver and Bronze Star medals for his military service in Iraq, so he is experienced enough in order to raise his company to the top levels in this industry. TrackingPoint is a precision guided rifle development company that is located near Austin, Texas, and they have come up with a new kind of breakthrough technology which is said to have transferred the characteristics of jet fighter lock-and-launch technology onto a combat rifle. With this technology the average shooter should be capable of achieving […]

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New competitor arrives in 2013

We talk about the  super cars competition, and a new member is about to arrive. It is Shayton Equilibrium. Shayton means “falcon” in the language of the Sioux tribe.  According to this you would probably decide it comes from North America, but the origin of Equilibrium is Europe. And it sounds close to the Turkish/Arabic word for devil, “sheytan”. As seen from the images, the name responds directly to the aggressive and predatory style of the car. The chasis is made of carbon fibers and titanium. Carbon fibers are used in the interior too, along with other luxurious stuff and materials like […]

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Highest Outdoor Elevator in the World, Hundred Dragons Elevator

Bailong Elevator, also known as the Hundred Dragons Elevator, is a glass elevator built into the side of a rocky mountain range full of thousands of sandstone columns that rise up thousands of feet in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangijiajie, Hunan Province, China. At 1,070 feet (330m) high, construction of the elevator, started in 1999 and was completed in 2002. The project encountered intense opposition from environmental groups who cited the World Heritage Site designation as the main reason for their disagreement. The total investment for the project was 120million yuan, about $20 million. To build the Hundred Dragon Elevator, […]

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Cold paws? Not anymore!

If you live near the Equator you won’t be very impressed by such thing, but this item should be appreciated a lot in the northern countries with cold weather and long, harsh winters. It is always a good idea to have gloves on your hands and longer jacket sleeves sometimes when the temperatures fell below -20 degrees C, but in some cases you need something more. So, the reinforcement arrives – Outback Battery Heated Mittens, being the perfect winter accessory whenever you choose to brave the outdoors in winter. The Outback Battery Heated Mittens work as advertised, supporting a battery […]

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Rogue planet

While the most known planets have a star around which they turn, a single planet travels lonely in the space. This planet is 130 light-years away from the Earth and the distance is considered as comparatively close, so it gives the opportunity to be studied. The scientists gave her number instead of a name – CFBDSIR2149. The object is classified as “rogue planet” (known also as “nomad planet”, “free-floating planet” and “orphan planet”) which means a planet that was ejected from its star system or it never was a part of such system, and has a free orbit in the […]

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Spy the neighborhood with Spy Hawk

When you read the name your mind would probably call the image of some military spy plane like RQ-4A. But relax, we talk about a toy. This is a Spy Hawk RTF with First Person View (FPV) aircraft made by Hubsan. The Spy Hawk features a 5 mp camera that makes live color video and transmits it to a 3.5″ LCD monitor on control pad. This version of the Spy Hawk also includes an Autopilot that will bring the aircraft back to you in case of losing control. The Spy Hawk basic setup is a complete RTF airplane with camera […]