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H.I.V. – a fighter against cancer?

Emma Whitehead is a little 7 years old girl with shocking, but however successful story. In a year ago, she was close to fatal ending due to  acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The common treatments didn’t cause the improvement that was needed, and the desperation forced Emma’s parents to include her in an experimental treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The treatment had never before been tried in a child, or in anyone with the type of leukemia Emma had. This experiment used disabled forms of H.I.V. viruses to reprogram the patient’s  T-lymphocytes (most known as T-cells) to kill the cancer cells. This […]

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Sandia’s guided bullet

Sandia National Labs maintains the project, with Red Jones and Brian Kast as main developers. The four-inch bullet uses optical sensor in its nose to follow a laser beam  to its target, similar to the way a laser-guided bomb finds a target. In order to enable a bullet to turn in flight and follow a target and to simplify the design, the usual bullet spinning caused by the most rifle barrels was removed.”The bullet flies straight due to its aerodynamically stable design, which consists of a center of gravity that sits forward in the projectile and tiny fins that enable it […]

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Voyager 1 is at the edge of the Solar System

Voyager 1, a NASA’s unmanned spacecraft, is on the verge of a historical event – it is at the edge of the solar system and is the only earth vessel that reached this frontier. Voyager 2, it’s “sibling”, follows Voyager 1 3.2 mln kilometers (2 mln miles) behind. Both spacecrafts were launched in 1977 with the official purpose to study the Jupiter and Saturn planetary systems, but they’re obviously capable of continuing their operations even beyond the Solar System frontiers. The two probes were ordered by NASA and built by Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. The latest discovery made […]

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Urban Arrow | possible replacement of an urban car

The Urban Arrow is intended to be “a replacement for the second car,” and it won an innovation award when it was first unveiled at the 2010 Eurobike trade show. The Dutch designers of the Urban Arrow used as a base for their project bikes with cargo decks in front of the biker called Bakfiets. The Bakfiets are useful, but not very comfortable if your children have to sit there. So, the Urban Arrow received a padded, covered cargo box to keep the kids comfy and dry, an electric motor to compensate for its 45-kg (99-lb) weight, and a few […]

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Observing Molecular Dynamics of Chemical Reactions in Real Time

An ongoing NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) project is closing in on one of the most urgently sought-after goals in modern science: The ability to observe the detailed dynamics of chemical reactions as they happen – on the spatial scale of molecules, atoms, and electrons, and on the time scale of picoseconds or even shorter. The researchers have devised and demonstrated a highly unusual, compact, and relatively inexpensive x-ray source for an imaging system that may soon be employed to produce the kind of “molecular movies” that scientists and engineers need. “I believe that we are going to be able […]

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Aria Cruise Ship

The ship was built at the Aqua Expeditions’ shipyard in Iquitos, Peru, and sails since April 2011. M/V Aria was the second luxury cruise ship in the fleet of Aqua Expeditions on the northern part of the Amazon River which cost was $4,000,000. The lounge was designed by Jordi Puig and features a refreshment area, relaxing cushioned chairs and bathroom facilities with a 5 star comfort style. The ship is a sailing 5-star hotel, with luxury private places and sleeping rooms. The top deck accommodates an observation lounge, an outdoor whirlpool bathtub and a sun deck. All passengers are able […]