Architectural Pastry Chef Dinara Kasko Creates Fascinating Geometric Cakes

October 1, 2016

Architect designer Dinara Kasko engineers cakes using geometric principles and tasty culinary techniques.

The 27-year-old designer combined her passions for design and baking into a lucrative and visually stunning hobby. Kasko began her baking career as a self-taught baker, but she later joined to courses and workshops of many seasoned professional pastry chefs.

dinara-kasko-cake7[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

The main elements of her art pieces are “geometric primitives” like rectangles, circles, and triangles. Her palette is mostly red, black and white.

dinara-kasko-cake8[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

She embraces the “less is more” mantra with exciting simplicity.

dinara-kasko-cake[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

She uses construction techniques such as the Voronoi diagram, biomimicry, and triangulation, which is a partitioning of a geometric object into tetrahedrons.

“In my case I’m trying to connect architecture, design and patisserie,” she told So Good magazine. “A beautiful cake as well as a beautiful building needs preliminary design. It’s necessary to work with the form, volume, composition, proportion, color and texture correctly.”

dinara-kasko-cake10[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

“Voronoi diagram is a partitioning of a plane into cells based on a mathematical algorithm. Biomimicry is using the models, systems, and elements of nature, macro elements in general. It can be anything, fragmentation of expanding shells in a spiral, herb structure, or the form that bubbles make.” she says.

dinara-kasko-cake17[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

Ukranian Kasko is baking edible art pieces instead of designing real ones.

dinara-kasko-cake12[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

Kasko even designs her cakes to play off the lighting in a particular space. Each cake charms observers with a combined delicacy and scientific uniformity.

dinara-kasko-cake9[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

The cakes aren’t heavily sculpted with fondant or molding chocolate. Kasko uses the cake molds to bake each cake using simple and traditional baking ingredients.

dinara-kasko-cake16[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

If we are talking about ‘perfect cake’, the Kasko’s designs are ultimate art pieces that based on parametric architecture, which means shaping the forms by algorithms.

dinara-kasko-cake14[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

All of her compositions have a cinematographic vibe and a sharp soul. The cakes are reminiscent of geometric abstract artists Joseph Albers and Eva Hesse.

dinara-kasko-cake18[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

“I rationalize my object, and in the last stage, I assign my own style to the object, which eventually generates a particular concept…

dinara-kasko-cake5[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

“When my future creation’s form is complete, I begin to implement it,” Kasko said. “In terms of my own molds, first of all, I make them on my computer. Even at this stage, I can create the whole scale, proportions, I can vary the color, texture, choose decorations.”

dinara-kasko-cake21[Image source: Dinara Kasko]

Via: Dinara Kasko Facebook, So Good…



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