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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Top 10 modern prefab homes

Prefab homes are becoming increasingly popular as they can be built in less time than it takes to build a traditional home and they are adaptable. So here we have our choice of the top 10 modern prefab homes. 10 M2 [Image Courtesy of Balance Associate Architects] Balance Associate Architects designed the M2 custom prefab home out of 2 medium modules which come from their S-M-L series and the home is a retreat in the style of a cabin offering views out over the woodland. 9 Desert House [Image Courtesy of Joe Fletcher] The Desert House is located in Desert […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Apple store designed by Foster & Partners opens in China

One of Apples largest retail outlets in Asia is the new Apple store and Foster & Partners said the design, “combines an understanding of the local context with the philosophy of simplicity, beauty and technical innovation that characterises Apple’s products.” The store is situated near the Hangzhou West Lake and takes on the appearance of a 15 metre glazed box with a glowing ceiling, cantilevered floor and a glass staircase. [Image Courtesy of Foster & Partners] The first of the Apple stores opened in Zhengzhou on January 10 and the store in West Lake followed two weeks later. The design of […]

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Abifloat floating village designed by Italian yacht designer

Christian Grande is an Italian yacht designer who may be better known for the Picchio Boat. One of his latest designs is a floating village concept which he calls the Abifloat. The project consists of a collection of homes that float and are made up of a sustainable modular design. [Image Courtesy of Christian Grande] The Abifloat is made up of clusters of ten homes measuring 3.25 metres by 6.5 metres, with each of them branching off a central boardwalk. The individual buildings can be tailored to the requirements of the owners thanks to them being modular and can be […]

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Canadian golf resorts to have disappearing luxury copper huts

Construction of around 50 triangular luxury copper huts has been proposed for a development in Lake of Bays in Canada by architects MU Architecture. The huts will form a collection of private retreats for guest at the Bigwin Golf Club. Each of the huts is between 1,200 and 1,500 square feet and they will blend into their surroundings. [Image Courtesy of MU Architecture] The huts take inspiration from the Native American people and loosely resemble teepees thanks to their triangular structure. The huts rest on pillars so they are slightly raised above the ground and they are built with steel anchors […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Ever wondered how the Burj Khalifa handles all the poop

There’s far more to a building than just designing something that looks cool or breaks records. There are an incredible amounts of factors that architects need to think about such as the impact on the city and coping with its inhabitants in various different aspects. So with buildings like the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, you’d expect some ingenious engineering to be found in its sewage system but unfortunately that’s not the case. The 828m tall skyscraper isn’t even hooked up to a municipal wastewater treatment system meaning that when you poop in the building, that waste is actually […]

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Small storehouse converted into tiny home for less than $500

Amy Andrews and Ethan Van Kooten took a used storehouse and chose to convert it into a tiny house which they filled with salvaged scrap for just under $500. They did this as part of their senior project at the Central College in Iowa in the US. [Image Courtesy of Amy Andrews/Ethan Van Kooten] Originally the pair had a budget of $3,350 and they hoped that this would be enough for them to build a small house from scratch with the help of  a grant. The pair then found out that they couldn’t get a grant towards building and so […]