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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Biggest automated freezer in the world almost complete

If you live in the region of Richland in North America you might be wondering what the huge thing is that is being built to the north of the city. The building being constructed in mostly white in colour with blue steel frames has been drawing a lot of attention. Well, wonder no more as it is going to be the largest refrigerated warehouse in North America when completed, along with being the biggest automated freezer in the entire world. [Image Courtesy of Andrew Jansen] The building will be 116 feet tall and around 455,000 square feet, which means when […]

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City Of Science concept brings sustainability to Rome

Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a concept of the City Of Science which is his vision for the future of Rome. He would like to transform a large section of land in the Flaminio quarter of Rome into an eco-district at a cost of around US$286 million. [Image Courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architects] The City Of Science concept is a series of renders that show an urban centre that would be sustainable, but the designer has not given much away regarding how he proposes to build the city. However if his concept were to come to fruition it would take over around […]

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WaterNest 100 solar powered floating home concept

Giancarlo Zema, an Italian architect, has come up with a floating eco-friendly solar powered home by the name of the WaterNest 100. The floating home offers 100 square meters of space in a circular structure resembling a pod. 98% of the home is designed in recycled materials and the roof of the home is a solar panel array. [Image Courtesy of Giancarlo Zema] This isn’t the first time that the architect has looked into designing a residence on water. He has also been involved in the design of a partially submerged dwelling on the side of a cliff, a floating […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

10 of the American Institute of Architects Awards winners

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected the 2015 recipients of the Institute Honor Awards, “the profession’s highest recognition of works that exemplify excellence in architecture, interior architecture and urban design.” With about 500 submissions to the competition it has now been narrowed down to 23 winners from all over the world who will be honored at the AIA 2015 National Convention and Design Exposition in Atlanta. Below we shortlisted 10 buildings that you simply need to see. 1. 28th Street Apartments; Los Angeles By Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Inc. © Eric Staudenmaier The 28th Street YMCA, designed by architect Paul […]

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Multi-storied urban treehouse provides pollution protection

This urban treehouse certainly isn’t what most people would expect to find on the corner of a street in Italy. A building with an infrastructure of steel in Turin has been heavily disguised under a small forest of trees and greenery. [Image Courtesy of Beppe Giardino] The urban treehouse development was the brainchild of Luciano Pia who chose to bring plants up from the ground and place them in and around the façade of a residential building. [Image Courtesy of Beppe Giardino] The building is home to around 150 trees and this helps to bring the outdoors indoors to the […]

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Two becomes one with full gut renovation for apartments

General Assembly is based in Brooklyn and they undertook work on two new apartments in a developers building to combine them together as the Vinegar Hill Apartment in a full gut renovation. The layouts that existed were not going to work and one of the kitchens needed to be totally removed. This meant that everything needed to be done over from scratch, including new plumbing, the electrical wiring, flooring and HVAC. [Image Courtesy of Joe Fletcher Photography] So that the developers could get the most out of the square footage of the apartment when the two were combined, the functional […]