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Aktivhaus B10 Generates Double The Power And Heat It Needs

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the Aktivhaus B10 home was funded by the German government and uses advanced techniques of renewable energy and a system of “self-control”. The objective of the project, developed by the Stuttgart Institute of Sustainability (SIS) and funded by the German government, is to demonstrate how innovative materials and sustainable technologies can offer comfort and modernism to households. The house is close to the Weissenhof Estate, built in 1927, which is also an example of technological innovation and modern architecture. The Aktivhaus B10 is around 90m² and generates twice the energy needed for its own consumption, making enough energy to power two […]

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Architects Design Floating Farms To Grow Food Offshore

Given the increasing growth of the world’s population every year, the problem of food shortage in some places of the world can’t be ignored for much longer. The architects from Forward Thinking Architecture have come up with an interesting solution to this problem: a solar powered floating farm that provides food, vegetables and fish. The Smart Floating Farms project was inspired by the Chinese floating farms for fish production. This initiative is looking to build farms at sea or any water bodies closest to the cities to reduce reliance on imported food and number of food miles traveled. These floating farms will […]

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The “House Of Clicks” Was Built On The Opinions Of 2 Million People

The Hemnet Home looks like it could just be a normal small family household, at first glance. But it’s not just the fact that it kind of looks like a container from the outside that makes this house so special: it was built based on the opinion of 2 million people! After analyzing 200 million clicks on 86,000 homes in Sweden, the most famous real estate website in the country decided to build a house based on the popular opinion of the population. They gathered information on all the most wanted qualities in a home such as colors and sizes to create what is the ideal […]

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Saudi Arabia Plans To Build World’s Largest Hotel In Mecca

Currently, the title of largest hotel in the world is held by The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas – which operates as a single complex totaling 7117 rooms distributed on 53 floors. However, it appears that their supremacy is coming to an end because, according to The Guardian, the Saudis have just released a construction project of a much MUCH larger hotel in the city of Mecca. As you probably already know, Mecca – located in Saudi Arabia – is the holiest city in the world for Muslims. More than 20 million people travel to the city every year, and about 2 million of […]

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Top 10 Oldest Buildings In The World

Most of the oldest buildings still standing in the world are ironically tributes to certain men, who actually lasted much shorter periods of time than the monuments created. Most of these Neolithic constructions that have survived time are made of stone and located in inhabited areas close to sea. Others are just old buildings like houses and temples, some of which challenge conventional views on early civilizations. Although scientists and researchers do their best to estimate the ages of these structures, radiocarbon dating offers only an approximate value of the age of  these archaeological sites. Periodic calibration of the carbon dating techniques by constant testing on ancient trees, sediments and ice enables […]

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8 bridges with homes and stores on them

While the troll living under the bridge may be nothing more than just a fairytale, there are people who actually live over bridges or trade on them. Some bridges no longer in use have been developed and have had property built on them and here are eight. Krämerbrücke in Germany [Image Courtesy of Wikipedia] The Krämerbrücke in Germany had housing built on it over five centuries ago. Before this time it was used as a footbridge along with grocers trading wares on it. The buildings that are on the bridge today are all used for retail space and thanks to […]