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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Space saving apartment gives a lot from a little

If you don’t have a lot of space then you have to make the most of what you have. An apartment in Paris offers little by way of space, but thanks to innovative design and planning it actually does offer quite a lot. The room in the apartment manages to pack in all the facilities you would expect from a full sized apartment despite the fact that it is just 8 square meters. This space saving apartment gives a lot from a little. [Image Courtesy of Fabienne Delayfray]   Kitoko Studio transformed what was once the room of a maid […]

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The amphibious floating house that stands up to flooding

Anyone who lives near areas that are prone to flooding live in fear when the rain starts to come down day after day and the river starts to rise. Baca Architects decided to do something about this and they have come up with a very innovative solution, the amphibious floating house. This is a house that has been designed to float on water and once the water has subsided, the house gently floats back down. [Image Courtesy of Baca Architects] The architects chose to call the house Formosa and they located it 10 metres from the River Thames in the […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Epic Mystical Bridges Around the World

Who knew bridges could be so admirable and inspiring? Most of these architectural structures are just basic paths we go through every day without giving much attention to, but there are absolutely stunning bridges to be found around the globe. In the images below you will see ancient and beautiful bridges that seem like a perfect movie scenario. With different shapes, surroundings and designs, these bridges show meticulously created constructions that go way beyond basic functional engineering. These, in general, stand out for an almost organic intervention, fitting in so well with their environment. Besides nobly fulfilling their role of allowing people from one […]

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Total opposites: Tallest Skyscraper to unique groundscraper

Typically designers and architects design new constructions to be the tallest, such as the tallest skyscraper in the world, which is what architects and designers in Azerbaijan are planning. However over in China, architects and designers have chosen a totally different approach for a new hotel and theme park, as they are building a groundscraper that goes down underground. These two projects are as total opposites as you can get when designing, planning and constructing. [Image Courtesy of Avesta] Construction of the Azerbaijan Tower is set to begin in 2015 and the architects have designed it to stand one kilometer […]

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The fairy-tale house that took 26 years to build

There are dream homes and then there are fairy-tale homes that look as though they have come straight from a child’s story book. While many people have an idea of what they want their dream home to look like, not that many actually go ahead and make it themselves. Usually they hire an architect and builders, however, a man from Indiana in the US didn’t just build his dream home, he built a fairy-tale dream home over 26 years. [Image Courtesy of Inhabitat] Chris Martin started work on his dream home in the late 80s and he used only equipment […]

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Living in the S-House is like living inside a goldfish bowl

Tokyo is well-known for its many quirky, unique and unusual designs for homes, however, there is one from the Japanese architect Yuusuke Karasawa that stands out above the rest, the S-House. This is thanks to the fact that the whole façade of the home has been made from glass. It would almost be like living inside a square goldfish bowl where anyone and everyone walking past can peer inside. [Image Courtesy of Yuusuke Karasawa Architects] The home was completed this year and is situated close to the Omiya train station in Tokyo. The house rises up in a plot of […]