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8 bridges with homes and stores on them

While the troll living under the bridge may be nothing more than just a fairytale, there are people who actually live over bridges or trade on them. Some bridges no longer in use have been developed and have had property built on them and here are eight. Krämerbrücke in Germany [Image Courtesy of Wikipedia] The Krämerbrücke in Germany had housing built on it over five centuries ago. Before this time it was used as a footbridge along with grocers trading wares on it. The buildings that are on the bridge today are all used for retail space and thanks to […]

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Longest glass bridge in the world will open in China

Hunan Province in China is hoping to attract more tourists into the region and to do this they have commissioned Haim Dotan, an architectural firm, to design and build them a glass bridge. The bridge will be the longest glass bridge in the world spanning 370 metres over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. People will be able to walk over the bridge and look down to the canyon floor 400 metres below and it will be able to hold 800 people at any one time. [Image Courtesy of Haim Dotan/China Glass Network] China is known for other glass structures that are […]

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London’s Garden Bridge final design revealed

The final design for the Garden Bridge in London has been revealed and the bridge will be a green public space that crosses over the River Thames, providing it reaches the building stage. [Image Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust] The concept for the Garden Bridge came from the actress Joanna Lumley back in 1988 but it wasn’t classed as being a feasible project until 2013. The bridge has received a great deal of criticism with some people saying that it is too expensive, the bridge would block off the view of St Pauls Cathedral and of course it would be […]

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Commuters Grow Urban Gardens On The Rooftop Of Tokyo Train Stations

Urban centers need green areas to relieve the effects of pollution and help cultivate the relationship between nature and man. To take advantage of the public spaces, which are often scarce in densely populated cities, the Japanese are developing organic gardens on the rooftop of subway stations in the capital Tokyo. The Soradofarm is a project organized by the East Japan Railway Company in collaboration with a station entertainment company, and aims to offer the commuters who want to cultivate a garden, but don’t have any space for that at home, the opportunity to grow their own tiny gardens on the surface of the stations. The […]

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Designers of small apartment in Germany make most of the space

They say that size matters but when it comes to property you have to make the most of what you have. In this case the architects and designers of an apartment in Germany, Spamroom+ johnpaulcoss, had to make the most of the 21 square meters they had and they did it by making good use of the amount of vertical space in the property along with adding in a multi-purpose central unit.In this case the architects and designers of an apartment in Germany, [Image Courtesy of Spamroom] The small apartment is located in Moabit in Berlin and dates back to the […]

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5 unbelievable closets only the super-rich can afford

The majority of people have a two or three door closet for their clothing in the typical homes, however the super-rich have unbelievable closets the size of a typical bedroom and in some cases an entire house. Here we check out closets that only those who are super wealthy can afford to fill. Bruce Makowsky’s His and Hers Closets [Image Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky] Bruce Makowsky earned his millions by designing luxury handbags for QVC and he owns a closet fit for a king in his home in Los Angeles. His home is 23,000 square feet and cost around $70 […]