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Posted by Allison Blackburn

The Mini House 2.0 is flat packed but comes with fitted kitchen and electricity

Sustainable lifestyles along with low cost and simple housing have led to us seeing more small homes. One of these tiny homes comes from Wagell’s Mini Houses, small homes that originally began life as just a weekend home or guest house has now gone into the second iteration. [Image Courtesy of Jonas Wagell] The Mini House first came about in 2012, with prototypes being used in Sweden. The houses were designed to be constructed very quickly and the modules built using recyclable materials. Another bonus that meant the homes took off well in Sweden was that thanks to their small […]

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Lowline underground park will get sunlight beamed down to it

When space is at a premium in cities that have been heavily developed but more public spaces are needed, it becomes quite a challenge. One of the best solutions is to take an old building and re-model it. Even better, take an old building that is under ground. Using spaces that are underground comes with  problems, one being the lack of natural sunlight. The developers who have planned the Lowline Park in New York have found a way around this though. They plan on re-modelling an old trolley terminal and they are going to illuminate it with sunlight thanks to […]

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The 3rd Qatar 2022 World Cup stadium will have temperature controlled pitch

The 2022 World Cup is going to be held in Qatar (well, maybe) and we have already seen the designs for two of the stadiums, the Al Wakrah and the Al Bayt. Now a third has been revealed and this is the existing Khalifa International Stadium, which will receive a makeover to bring it bang up to date and feature technology that will keep the pitch temperature controlled. [Image Courtesy of Qatar Supreme Committee For Delivery & Legacy] The Khalifa International Stadium was built in 1976 and underwent restorations in 2006 when the Asian Games were held. The first of the […]

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New Istanbul airport is to be world’s busiest thanks to largest terminal in the world

We have been treated to some renders of the new Istanbul Airport in Turkey that is set to replace the Ataturk Airport. It will become one of the busiest airports around the world and feature the biggest terminal that is under a single roof of any airport. [Image Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects] The new airport has been designed by Grimshaw Architects, who have plenty of experience in designing airports. They are the architects that were behind the Fulton Centre transit hub located in New York. This is known for the spectacular kaleidoscope skylight dome, which is 53 feet in diameter and […]

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Don’t think you could live here? Take a look inside…

We featured the Uvogel house (the name is a combination of UFO and Vogel – bird in German) in our recent article on the most unique and unusual small homes. Designed by Peter Jungmann, the 45 square meter house is found in the Austrian Alps and is available to rent all year round. But, looking from the outside you struggle to imagine that such a small house can offer much comfort and space. That’s until you take a look inside. Its multi-functional design means you have a dining area, a kitchen unit, a nice and cozy window seat, separate bedroom area for parents and kids, […]

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The Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago is a MAD design

In July of this year MAD Architects were appointed to design the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, aka the LMNA, and now we have been treated to the first design renders. They show the building blurring the line between the landscape that surrounds the building and the building itself. The architects designed it to explore the relationship between the urban environment and nature. [Image Courtesy of MAD Architects] The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is going to be located in Chicago in the USA and this is not the first museum that has been designed by MAD Architects. They also worked on […]