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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Luxurious SiloHome transformed out of cold war missile silo

A home in New York has been transformed out of a cold war era missile silo. Many of the hundreds of silos built in the US have been long forgotten and remain in disrepair. However, Gregory Gibbons and Bruce Francisco saw a lot of potential in one in Adirondack State Park and decided to make it their SiloHome. The luxurious house spreads out over 2,300 square feet underground. [Image Courtesy of SiloHome] The SiloHome sits on 19 acres of forest in New York and on the surface it is 1,800 square feet. The home has hardwood floors, a porch that […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Paleisbrug Is A Dutch Bridge That Doubles As A Raised Park

Increasing the amount of green areas in cities is essential to break the heaviness of concrete in urban centers. The Paleisbrug – Palace Bridge was recently opened to the public in the Dutch city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The structure is a raised park for pedestrians and cyclists, which connects the old town to the Paleiskwartier neighborhood on the other side of the tracks. The bridge has plenty of green areas, seats, floor-heating, WI-FI and LED lighting. The bridge was designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects and is 250 meters long, with a total area of ​​2500 m². The structure was built with weather-proof steel to prevent corrosion, which ensures it will last at least 100 […]

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Chinese Businessman Spends £100 Million To Make His Company Look Like Star Trek’s Enterprise

Do you sometimes look around your office thinking that some changes in  it would be a good idea? That’s probably what Liu Dejian was thinking, except he took things to a whole new level. The Chinese businessman, founder of NetDragon Websoft and huge fan of “Star Trek” took his passion for science fiction to the extreme by designing the company’s headquarters in the shape of the famous USS Enterprise, the spaceship in Star Trek. The galactic office building is located in the coastal city of Changle in China’s southeast Fujian province, and was built with the legal permission of the american media company “CBS”, which […]

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Take a Look Inside George Lucas’s New Museum

George Lucas, the legendary creator of Star Wars, has decided to donate $1 billion of his best goodies and house them in the Lucas Museum for Narrative Arts. The museum won’t just have Star Wars collectibles inside. It’s expected to house memorabilia from some of the world’s best films and filmmakers along with a lecture series featuring some of the most prominent movie industry figures of our time. Image by Joi from Wikimedia Commons After some debate, Lucas chose Chicago as the home of his museum, and the city plans to construct it near Lake Michigan as part of the city’s […]

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Aktivhaus B10 Generates Double The Power And Heat It Needs

Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the Aktivhaus B10 home was funded by the German government and uses advanced techniques of renewable energy and a system of “self-control”. The objective of the project, developed by the Stuttgart Institute of Sustainability (SIS) and funded by the German government, is to demonstrate how innovative materials and sustainable technologies can offer comfort and modernism to households. The house is close to the Weissenhof Estate, built in 1927, which is also an example of technological innovation and modern architecture. The Aktivhaus B10 is around 90m² and generates twice the energy needed for its own consumption, making enough energy to power two […]

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Architects Design Floating Farms To Grow Food Offshore

Given the increasing growth of the world’s population every year, the problem of food shortage in some places of the world can’t be ignored for much longer. The architects from Forward Thinking Architecture have come up with an interesting solution to this problem: a solar powered floating farm that provides food, vegetables and fish. The Smart Floating Farms project was inspired by the Chinese floating farms for fish production. This initiative is looking to build farms at sea or any water bodies closest to the cities to reduce reliance on imported food and number of food miles traveled. These floating farms will […]