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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Star Wars house takes design from movie

Over in South Korea an architectural company by the name of Moon Hoon has come up with a design for a house based on Star Wars. When looking at the property it looks like something that has been airlifted straight from the set of the latest Star Wars movie and dropped in a residential area. The architectural firm designed the Star Wars House with a family on a low budget in mind and it is has fun styling as well as being practical. [Image Courtesy of Moon Hoon] The unusual project was finished in 2013 and was the idea of […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Binhai Eco City: A sustainable green city

Looking towards the future it is hoped that cities will become havens of green that are powered by clean and renewable energy. Binhai Eco City, a joint project between China and Singapore, is an example of one such city and how the dream could be a reality. [Image Courtesy of HAO] Binhai is situated on the Tianjin outskirts in north China and it would be connected to another eco-friendly development that is planned in Beijing, which would be connected by high speed rail. The Beijing Bohai Innovation city aims to set a new standard when it comes to being conscious of […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Digitally-Printed WikiHouse That You Can Build Yourself

An English company has created an alternative to the crisis London is facing due to the high demand for houses. According to the Daily Mail, the authors of the project say the main goal is to allow anyone to download and “print” the house on a 3D printer. [Image courtesy of Evening Standard] The WikiHouse allows stakeholders to freely download the blueprints of a two-story house – the property would cost about 50 thousand pounds to be built otherwise. The house is constructed using only regular everyday tools and could be built in one day, according to the creators. A […]

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Flying high in the SkyRise Miami

Miami will soon welcome a new attraction as members of the public along with councillors have approved a new observation tower that will stand 304 meters tall. The SkyRise is set to become Florida’s tallest tower and it is going to offer much more than being able to observe Miami from a great height. The tower will be home to amusements and attractions, including a flying theatre. [Image Courtesy of Skyrise Miami] The details about the tower are being kept under wraps at the moment, however the people behind its design have said that it will be an energy efficient […]

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You could have your H2ome on a coral reef

While we have heard about underwater rooms in some of the big hotels around the world, a company called US Submarines Structures have taken things even further by offering underwater homes, called H2ome. They even have all the luxuries that you would get at a 5-star hotel. [Image Courtesy of US Submarine Structures LLC] H2ome allows those with enough money, to live in a home spreading out over two floors that are submerged and offers 340 square meters of living space. The home can be accessed from the shoreline on a private pier and down a central elevator or spiral staircase. […]

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Australian Cliff House concept has its owners over the edge

In many places around the world, land for building homes is scarce. In Australia, Modscape has come up with a new and different concept for home construction. They have designed a concept for a home with the name of the Cliff House and it hangs on the side of a cliff over the ocean. [Image Courtesy of Modscape] The Cliff House concept came about from Modscape who were designing a home for a couple that wanted to build on land they have in Victoria. The architects took inspiration from barnacles and how they cling onto the hull of a ship. [Image […]