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The squashed paper bag building is an Australian architectural icon

The first building in Australia designed by architect Frank Gehry has been opened at a cost of US$138 million. Part of the University of Technology in Australia, the Dr Chau Chak Wing will be home to around 1,600 staff and students. The Governor of Australia called it “the most beautiful squashed brown paper bag” that he had seen. [Image Courtesy of University of Technology Sydney] The design of the building was given approval in 2010 and began on it in late 2012. The feature that stands out on the building and which gave it the name of the “squashed paper […]

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World’s tallest 3D printed building on display in China

A Chinese engineering and design firm, WinSun Decoration Design Engineering, has unveiled the world’s tallest 3D-printed building – a five-storey residential apartment block made from recycled construction materials. The Shanghai-based company have their own custom built 3D printer, costing them US$2.3 million and taking nearly 12 years to manufacture. The 3D printer measures 6.6 metres tall, 10 metres wide and about 150 metres long. Think of it as a printer where the ‘ink’ is a mixture of fibreglass, steel, cement, hardening agents and recycled construction materials. It prints layer on top of layer in order to create a 3D structure. In a prefabricated […]

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Top 10 most bizarre buildings in the world

Architects around the world have no doubt designed some superb buildings but here we take a look at 10 of the most bizarre buildings from around the globe. We have chosen some of the strangest looking, most colourful, and those that make their cities stand out as one of the places that you simply have to visit. 10 Lloyds Building in London, England [Image Courtesy of Shutterstock] The Lloyds building is situated in the heart of the financial district in London and is home to an insurance company. It has been called the inside out building due to the fact […]

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Australian home inside out extension blurs the outside and inside

Andrew Maynard Architects were given a challenging task when a family in Australia wanted an extension built on to their home. The team rose up to it and designed an inside out extension which was very unusual, one which blurred the fine line between the indoors and outside. [Image Courtesy of Andrew Maynard Architects] The extension was designed in different parts with the first of it was beside the main body of the house which has room for the lounge, kitchen and a dining area. This part of the extension was given shelter by way of sliding doors that can be opened […]

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Sweden’s Ice Hotel is now in its 25th year

This year the Ice Hotel in Sweden has been built again and this is the 25th incarnation of the hotel made from ice. The hotel started life as part art project and part place to stay and it has become a major attraction that is visited by people from around the world. [Image Courtesy of Ice Hotel] The Ice Hotel is 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Jukkasjärvi and the hotel spreads out over 5,500 square meters. It features different categories of rooms; including deluxe and super deluxe, plus art suites, Northern Light suites, snow rooms and ice […]

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New Ben Ainslie Racing HQ focuses on solar power and sustainability

Ben Ainslie Racing, aka BAR, is going to build a new HQ that when completed will be awarded the BREEAM Excellent status. This is an award that marks “strong sustainable performance when it comes to design, construction and operation”. BAR is working alongside Low Carbon, the renewable investment firm, to achieve it. [Image Courtesy of Ben Ainslie Racing] Photovoltaic panels will be installed and this will help them to meet the 90% projected MWh per year electricity that is needed. Once energy monitoring has been put in place this figure is going to rise to 100%. Many design factors have […]