Biggest RC Airplane In the World: BOEING 747-400 VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRLINER

September 19, 2016


Aerospace engineering has developed some truly massive aeroplanes, some with a wing span of nearly 90 meters and a maximum take-off capacity of over 640 tonnes, essentially, enough to carry more than double the weight of the Statue of Liberty. However, some of the engineering went into the development of the world’s smallest aircraft, including the world’s largest RC airplane.

The world’s largest RC airplane is a spectacular creation. In the sky, it is nearly indistinguishable to the real airliner. On the ground, however, it becomes evident the plane is 5.43m long with a wingspan of 4.95m. The 68 Kg aircraft is powered by four IQ Hammer 140 turbines, outputting a thrust of 14 kg each. Accumulatively, the project took more than 2000 hours to accomplish, probably making the pilot rather nervous during its first flight.

airplane[Image Source: RC Media World]

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