Build your own house with pallets

February 2, 2016

So we’ve showed a few projects you could do using pallets, like your own outdoor swimming pool and furniture. If you’re creative enough, there are infinite projects that could be done using pallets. But, did you ever imagine that you could build your own home from pallets?


Well, not only is it possible, but it is a very promising alternative solution to housing shortage around the world in a sustainable manner. To build a pallet home, you’ll need lots of them, and in very good condition – and also preferably chemically treated to avoid bacteria, insects and fungus.

Floors and walls

The walls and floors can easily be built using pallets, as long as you apply some sort of polyurethane varnish to provide greater strength. Try to build a strong and resilient base, able to insulate the construction from the ground, and support the weight of the house itself. You can also use concrete to help create sturdy floors.

tiny-pallet-house [Image source: 99 pallets]

The side walls should be constructed to form modules,and you can insert some basic mixture of lime and sand into the cavities of the pallets to make sure the walls will withstand the weight of the roof. Then, wood planks can be used to cover the walls, before you finally give it some finishing touches such as stains and paints.


Due to the heavy weight of the pallets, it isn’t recommended to use them for the roof of the house. You can use a metal shelter and coverage that will withstand the weather and humidity. This will provide greater support to your pallet house.

Jose Farre from DIY Pallet Furniture published a very detailed video on how to build a pallet house which is definitely worth watching if you plan to undertake this project.


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