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Burning Cup

January 14, 2013

Burning Cup 6

Burning cup is designed by Ryan Jongwoo Choi,  which prevents the liquid inside from cooling down due to heat release to outside. The sodium acetate contained within the walls of this cup can keep the heat of beverage. This liquid solution breaks the balance of liquid state by even tiny impact and hardens it solid, and at this time generates heat instantly. This heat allows the temperature of the beverage in the cup to be kept for a period of time consistently, the heat contained in the beverage is delivered again to the outside sodium acetate, and makes the solid into liquid, so
permanent use possible.

Burning Cup 4

So, here is how the cup works. Pour the hot beverage into the cup, the heat turns the sodium acetate from solid to liquid state. When the beverage starts cooling, simply push the yellow buttons – this will force the acetate to forward his energy back to the beverage, turning the sodium acetate to its solid state at the same time.

Burning Cup 1

The sodium acetate is a salt made of acetic acid and natrium, which means a salt composed of weak acid and strong base, its aqueous solution has weak alkalinity and due to the heat of dissolution is high it is used as lagging material of heating devices.

via: [ryan-j.com]


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