You Can Now Buy Luxury Cars from a Gigantic 15-Story Car Vending Machine

July 27, 2017

Vending machines used to just hold your favorite snacks and drinks. Maybe even a beer if you are in Japan. But a car vending machine? Singapore you’ve outdone yourself.

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The unique cars dealership Autobahn Motors has just opened a showroom that looks like a giant vending machine. Customers on the ground floor use a touchpad display to select which car they’d like to look at. Sixty cars then move about on a fish-bone type lift to present the selected car at ground level.

[Image Source: ABM]

The company specializes in exotic used cars. The sales process is overseen by a sales associate for the company but still, it makes the idea of buying a luxury car just a bit more exciting.  

Car vending machine as a space saving solution

The building is both a branding exercise for the company as well as a response to the lack of space in the city for things such as car storage. Gary Hing, general manager at Autobahn explained, “We needed to meet our requirement of storing a lot of cars. At the same time, we wanted to be creative and innovative.”

The idea for the 15-story building was apparently conceived by Hog when he saw the packaging for Matchbox cars in a toy shop with his son. Hong says he has been approached to share his idea with car parking companies as a possible solution to space saving in crowded developing cities.

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Car vending machines popping up in the US

The car vending machine craze didn’t start in Singapore though. The US based online car sales website, Carvana, also has car vending machines that allow customers to pick up their cars after purchasing them online. The online car sales platform has opened car vending machines in Atlanta and Nashville, that allow potential car buyers to inspect cars and take them for a test drive. 

Singapore is a very busy city with a population of roughly 5.7 million crowded onto an island just 719.1 km². City crowding and an increasing cost of living have meant car sales have taken a sharp dive in the last three financial quarters. 

Luxury car sales grow amid overall vehicle purchase plummet

The team at ValuePenguin has found yet another trend that was buried in the data that people were missing. While the overall number of cars being bought is falling the number of expensive cars being bought in the island city state is rising. Common car brands like Hyundai and Toyota fell 5% in the last 5 years, while luxury brands such as BMW and Mercedes have risen to represent 22% of total car sales, rising 5% in the same period. This sales statistic is a good indicator why such seemingly outrageous business ideas like building a giant car vending machine can be successful.

You can check out the full range of Autobahn luxury cars on their website, where they are helpfully arranged in alphabetical order!  

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