Canadian woman built her dream house out of containers

February 17, 2016

We’ve showed some pretty innovative constructions like a house built from pallets, and a 3D printed house. Now it’s time for the Canadian Claudie Dubreuil of Mirabel, who decided to use containers to build her dream house. Yes, those giant metal shipping containers. She contacted an engineering company and managed to obtain four large metal containers. And in two weeks of work, they were covered in wood and turned into a beautiful home.


And the result is amazing! The house has panoramic windows that yield good natural lighting to the interior. Plus she really outdid herself in the decoration and equipped the home with everything that’s essential: bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and even an office!

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container1 container14 container13 container3 container10 container9 container8 container31 container7 container6 container15 container11 container5 [Images source:Collections Dubreuil]

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