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Lumus Glass Lens to compete with Google Glass

Fans of technology may want to remember the name Lumus as while it may not be a well-known name now, in the future the name could be on everyone’s lips. Two years ago a rep for Lumus, Ari Grobman, showcased a piece of technology that was simply amazing. It was an augmented reality display that had been put into a standard lens, which could then be used in any pair of glasses. The model was 720p and was able to display an almost HD binocular image in front of the wearers face. This meant the user could watch a movie, […]

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Somerset Development Authority to change Bell Labs into Urban Hubs

Somerset Development Authority is going to change the traditional Bell Labs into Urban Hubs to meet the requirements of the modern cities. The Bell Labs are the research and development units of the information technology sector. These are purely private initiatives by Alcatel-Lucent, situated at places like Berkeley Heights, New Jersey etc in USA. The first Bell Lab was founded by Alexander Graham Bell in Washington and the today’s Bell Labs are carrying the name and inheritance of the former one. Bell Labs are the birthplaces of Transistor, Radio Astronomy, Laser, UNIX operating system, The C, S, and C++ Programming […]

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Taiwanese UFO House

The Ufo House was built in late 70’s and creator and developer of this idea was an owner of a rubber company. He wanted to transform his factory into a modern holiday resort. But he failed because very soon his business went down and his company was closed due to the energy crisis. The construction of the Ufo house was stopped soon after it started. Later it was bought by unknown company in 1989 for about 800 million Taiwan dollars. The company wanted to transform it into five-star hotel that features its own yacht dock. But the investors refused to […]

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Marmaray !

This is a railway transport project in Istanbul, which consists of construction of a railway tunnel along the bottom of Bosphorus strait and modernization and upgrading of already existing urban railways. It is building with the purpose to connect the two halves of Istanbul across the Sea of Marmara, from Halkali on the European shore to Gebze at the Asian coast. There is also provision of 440 new vehicles for the underground passenger traffic, delivered by Hyundai.  The name of Marmaray comes from combination of Sea of Marmara, which lies southward, and ray, which in Turkish means rail.  The project […]