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Posted by Alan Adamu

Top 10 breathtaking innovations with 3D printing

3D printing is an ideal platform for pure innnovation. With a machine that can fit on top of your table, you can create just about anything out of plastic. Humans have an infinite amount of creativity and 3D printing can now realize our ideas. With this, we present to you the top 10 innovations made using 3D printing. 10. Quadcopters Quadcopters are getting increasingly popular and with 3D printing, making them has never been easier. Quadcopters have a wide range of uses from toys to police drones. 9. Weapons One of the most controversial application of 3D printing is the art of weapon […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

KnitYak is the scarf with algorithmically generated Mathematical patterns

There are many different types and designs of scarf out there but there is one that is different and which stands out from all the rest, the KnitYak scarf. What makes this scarf so different is that it is designed by a mathematician. [Image Courtesy of Kickster KnitYak] The mathematician in question purchased a knitting machine and then found that she was able to set it up so as to knit textiles that feature designs that are algorithmically generated mathematical patterns. This means that you will have a scarf that is mathematically unique. [Image Courtesy of Kickster KnitYak] The scarves […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Air-conditioned clothes designed in Japan to beat heat

We all know and understand the benefits of having air conditioning in the rooms of our homes and offices, but what about air-conditioned clothes? This is exactly what Kuchofuku in Japan have come up with to try and help beat the sweltering heat during power shortages and restrictions against the use of electricity. [Image Courtesy of Ecouterre] The demand for clothing with built in air-conditioning is rising due to the earthquake and tsunami along with the closure of the Fukushima power plant. Kuchofuku translates into air-conditioned clothing in Japan and at the moment they cannot meet the demands of orders […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Palestinian man designs DIY solar ovens to beat energy cuts in Gaza

One man living in Gaza turned his hand to helping out the community beat the energy shortages as he has designed DIY solar ovens that are affordable. [Image Courtesy of Gaza Gateway] For those living in the Gaza Strip, life comes with many challenges as they are faced with shortages of fuel and food and the electricity supply cannot be relied upon. Along with this there is warfare, with 2,310 Gazans dying in a month long conflict with Israel. One thing that the Strip does have is lots of sunlight and one man has made the most of this. Khaled […]

Posted by Alan Adamu

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run, Find out how!

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run. It also does not run on electricity. It was invented by a Dutch startup company called aQysta and won Europe’s best clean-technology innovation of 2014. It is called the Barsha irrigation pump. So what does it run on? The Barsha irrigation pump capitalizes on the energy of a flowing body of water – a river for example. It comprises of a single wheel that sits on a platform. This platform can float on water so that the water can pass under the wheel. As the body of water flows under the platform, it causes the wheel to spin. […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

These 3D printed metal faucets seem physically impossible to funtion

3D printers are increasingly being used to create new and innovative designs in everything from cars to home decor that defy the traditional manufacturing techniques. Using state-of-the-art technology and a whole lot of inspiration, the North American plumbing and building product manufacturer American Standard, launched it’s DXV line of metal 3D printed faucets. The new designs open up new possibilities of using faucets for more than what they’re originally meant to be, but as unique and beautiful pieces of decoration as well. American Standard created these faucets in such complex shapes that it makes you wonder if it actually works. But in order to make them functional the design […]