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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Corner Packs delivery boxes make opening packages easier

We have all come across the issue of dealing with opening a shipping box. You have to get through all that tape and often staples that keep packages sealed nice and tight. Well this could soon be a thing of the past thanks to clever redesign of a delivery box from Chenchen Hu, the Corner Packs. [Image Courtesy of Chenchen Hu] If you thought that nothing could be done to change the style of a delivery package then think again. This box doesn’t need all the packing tape typically associated with fastening parcels. The box relies on clever folds along […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Ponding washbasin looks to lower waste water

Water is a fundamental element for the planet, so much that it earned the name of “Blue Gold”. 70% of the earth is covered by water with about 97% percent of it being salted and from the remaining 3% 2/3 of it make glaciers: So the only drinkable water is just 1%. With an ever increasing population, waste of water is constantly increasing, despite millions going without access to fresh clean water. South Korean designer Tae-Jin Kim has created the Ponding washbasin in an effort to reduce waste and collect used water to be cleaned used again. The Ponding is a sink […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Ridersmate alerts friends if you are in an accident

If you like to take off into the unknown on your motorbike, mountain bike or you like to go horse riding, there is always the risk of no one knowing where you are if you were to have an accident. Of course, you may have a mobile phone but what if you were to get knocked unconscious? With this is mind David Colean,a telecommunications engineer from the UK, designed Ridersmate, a device that will send a text message to tell other people that something has gone wrong. [Image Courtesy of Ridersmate] Ridersmate comes in the form of a unit that you clip […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Top 10 most comfortable running shoes

There is a lot of science and technology that goes into making a pair of running shoes nowadays. They are designed to ensure that runners are as comfortable as possible while at the same time minimising any injuries due to wearing the incorrect shoes. There are many different brand names offering shoes for running, with some of them being specialists, and here are the top 10 most comfortable running shoes currently on the market. 10 The Asics GEL-Excel 332 [Image Courtesy of ASICS ] The Asics GEL-Excel 332 comes from a company in Japan that focuses on making sports footwear […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Get the kids to eat more bread thanks to Pan De Pop pop-up animals

More often than not it is the simplest of inventions that are the best and this applies to the Pan De Pop Up bread cutter. If you want your young children to eat more bread or you want to make sandwiches with a difference for a party, this is the invention that you want. It is a bread cutter that allows you to turn an ordinary piece of bread into a pop-up cartoon animal. [Image Courtesy of Pan De Pop Up] The Pan De Pop bread cutter comes from Japan and it is a stamp bread cutter allowing you to […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Kisha is the first smart umbrella with Bluetooth

We have seen some designs recently that have attempted to improve upon the design of the umbrella but this is the first time that we have seen a smart umbrella with Bluetooth. The Kisha umbrella is smarter than any other on the market as it can connect to your smartphone. [Image Courtesy of Kisha] The accompanying app can tell you the weather forecast for the day coming up along with informing you about the chance of precipitation and go on to give you advice about the chances of you needing to take Kisha with you if you go out. The Kisha umbrella […]