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Posted by Alyn Wallace

This unspillable mug will save thousands of keyboards

A lot of us spend time in front of the computer screen everyday and those working long hours at the keyboard will likely have a coffee sitting next to them. Of course, accidents happen and spilled drinks and electronics just don’t mix. However, clumsy people will be overjoyed at the sight of this unspillable coffee mug called the Mighty Mug. The company have developed what they call Smartgrip Technology which forms an insant vacuum when placed onto a flat surface. There’s no need to press it down or push a button, the vacuum is created with a natural placing of […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Take a deep breath before diving into the world’s deepest swimming pool Y-40 Deep Joy

You will have to take a very deep breath if you want to reach the bottom of the world’s deepest swimming pool,the Y-40 Deep Joy, as at its deepest point it is the same as 9 double decker buses placed on top of one another. As you might have guessed from its name, the pool is 40 m deep. The pool is located in Italy at the Hotel Terme Millepini. It spreads out over 21m by 18m at its surface and the narrowest point is -40m as it goes straight down into a well like hole. The pools thermal water is […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

14 luxury homes from L.A. based architects… for cats

It seems that Los Angeles is a nation of cat lovers as 14 architecture firms based in L.A recently took up the task of creating outdoor shelters for cats for charity, and some of them are very luxurious. The creations were displayed for a single night in order to raise money for a non-profit organisation, FixNation, who are dedicated to cutting down the cat population through non-lethal and humane methods. [Image Courtesy of Architects For Animals] Each of the architectural companies invited to take part in the project were given a free reign over the design of the cat house […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Clever hidden messages in 30 logos of famous brands

Here are 30 logos from some of the top brand names that have hidden messages, but some of them you have to look at very carefully to find them.   Amazon [Image Courtesy of Amazon] When you first look at the logo of Amazon you could mistake the yellow arrow for a smile under the writing. However when you take into account that Amazon sells just about everything you could hope to find, you will realise that it is an arrow highlighting the fact that the company sells everything from ‘A to Z’ and also represents the smiling happy faces of […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Paper airplane flying taken to extreme with Guinness World Record

Most people will at some point in their lives have made a paper airplane and sent it flying across the living room or office. However a team of auxiliary volunteers from the US Air Force took things a step further than this. They went on to launch a paper airplane from 96, 563 feet via a high altitude balloon and when they did, they broke a world record. [Image Courtesy of Fox Valley Composite Squadron] On the website of the US Fox Valley Composite Squadron, Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol, they bragged about launching the paper airplane in Kankakee, Illinois […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

New York could get high speed gondolas in the future via East River Skyway

A plan has been proposed to do away with the congestion that the existing transportation system in New York City is causing. The plan consists of a cable car system that would be along the lines of the Emirates Air Line in London. The East River Skyway plan revealed high speed urban gondolas, providing fast transport to residents and visitors in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. [Image Courtesy of EastRiverSkyway] The gondolas would cut down on the amount of time it takes to travel, along with offering stunning views out over the New York skyline. Developer CityRealty said that gondolas would […]