How to Make a 3-Second T-shirt Folder for $1

June 9, 2017

Ever wanted a wardrobe to make Marie Kondo proud? But the thought of folding your collection of Big Bang Theory t-shirts makes you squeak like a sloth, don’t worry, we got your back. We present the 3-second t-shirt folder for $1.

3-second t-shirt folder for $1

We’ve scoured the internet and brought you the answer to your t-shirt OCD. Follow us below to get all the instructions and you’ll have a stack of crisp tee’s to display proudly.

How to do it:

First: Whatever you do, don’t head to Amazon and pay $40 bucks for a piece of plastic. We are about to show you how to transform your closet for just $1.

You are going to need a few common household items, so open up that kitchen drawer and dig out your kitchen scissors and a roll of scotch or duct tape.

[Image Source: Instructables]

Next, you’ll need some cardboard. Actually, the cardboard from cereal boxes is perfect. So the first step should be to take a well-deserved break with your favorite cereal. Or if you are in London go and ask the nice guys who run this insane cafe. Any cardboard will do, but the kind without the wavy core works best.

Cut the cardboard to size, you’ll need 6 rectangles measuring 30 x 20 cm (11.8 x 7.8 inch). It is best to use a sharp box cutter and a metal ruler here so you can get nice crisp rectangles. Be careful of your fingers!

[Image Source: Instructables]

Lay the cardboard out flat on the ground, three across and 2 down. Like this:

[Image Source: Instructables]

Now it is time to join it all up. First tape across the middle. Use several layers of tape so your folder will have a nice long life.

[Image Source: Instructables]

Then tape the joins between the three top rectangles. Again use lots of tape as you’ll be folding and refolding on these hinges.


[Image Source: Instructables]

To make the hinges smooth, use your scissors or a box cutter to trim the tape so it’s in line with the edges of the cardboard.  The folds need to work nice and crisply.

[Image Source: Instructables]

And voila! You are done!

Time to start folding!  This $1 t-shirt folder isn’t just great for t-shirts. You can fold pants, shirts, skirts and more! Basically anything! To fold a t- shirt into infinite crispness simply lay out it in the middle of your folder.

[Image Source: Instructables]

Fold in one side, then the other.

[Image Source: Instructables]

[Image Source: Instructables]

Then fold the middle rectangle to the top and hey, presto! You are now a more functioning adult. Or at the very least, you’ll have a very good-looking wardrobe.

[Image Source: Instructables]

[Image Source: Instructables]

Why would you bother you might ask? Well apart from looking very good, folding your clothes like this decreases the volume of air in them and thus increasing the amount of space you can have in your wardrobe for all those new clothes!

Happy folding!

Via: Instructables

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