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Engineering examples to restore faith in humanity

March 18, 2014


While animals can’t speak they often actually teach us a lot, we now show you engineering examples to restore faith in humanity by way of humans helping animals. The thirteen animals below were stricken with tragedy but with help from their owners they have been able to overcome things and have gone on to live happy and enjoyable lives. They can inspire us to overcome whatever difficulties we have to face in life thanks to a little engineering ingenuity.


Chris P. Bacon is a little piglet that was born without hind legs. However the owner didn’t give up on him and took him to a vet who was able to provide Chris with his own wheelchair which helps him to get around just fine. You only have to look at the little piglet to see that he is happy and well, it almost seems as though he is smiling.


Hoppa is a mixed breed dog who was unlucky enough to be born without front legs. An art student took it upon himself to give the dog a helping hand and designed a contraption which allows Hoppa to walk around. The student built the prosthetic for his dog and hopes it gives encouragement to owners of other pets born with abnormalities.


Billy the French bulldog had hind legs that were paralyzed since he was born. He couldn’t get around until his owner built him a special “roll car” that allowed him to walk and run for the first time ever.


Tzvika is a female turtle who suffered an injury to her shell when she was accidentally run over by a lawnmower. Thanks to the damage from the accident being so severe the turtle couldn’t walk properly and needed help, which she received thanks to a pair of wheels.


Cici suffered a traffic accident when she was 7 and was paralyzed, however she now has a custom walker and is able to walk. Her owner even enters her into cat shows.


Motala is a 48 year old elephant that stepped onto a landmine ten years ago and was unable to walk following the tragic accident. The Elephant Hospital in Lampang province, which is to the North of Bangkok, managed to fit a prosthetic leg and this allowed the elephant to walk again.


Oscar the cat suffered an accident with a combine harvester which led to the loss of his hind legs. However he doesn’t get around with the use of a wheelchair as the he was fitted with prosthetic legs in a world’s first operation, which allows him to walk once again.


Pay de Limon, which translates into Lemon Pay in English, was kidnapped by a drug gang in Mexico who used him to practice cutting off the fingers of people they kidnapped. Luckily he was rescued and had two front prosthetic legs fitted which allowed him to be able to run again.


Fuji is a 37 year old Bottlenose dolphin who lost the majority of her tail fluke in 2002 when she suffered an unknown disease. She lost around 75% of her tail and was suffering a lot of trouble as she couldn’t swim properly. Now she has had an artificial tail fluke fitted and she can swim again. This is thought to be the first of its kind.


Yu is a loggerhead turtle of 25 years and suffered shredded front flippers when attacked by a shark. She washed up in a fishing net and can now swim just like any other turtle thanks to prosthetic flippers which have been attached.


Hope the Yorkshire Terrier was missing her left front leg but after having a uni-wheel attached to her doggie vest she can now walk and run just fine.


Naki`o the mixed breed dog was left in a foreclosed house in winter and became victim to frostbite and lost all four legs. Now he has had four prosthetic limbs fitted and has learned how to walk again on them.


Snow is a former stray dog who had to have one of her back legs amputated. Now thanks to OrthoPets she has a brand new artificial leg and a new home.


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