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Posted by Alyn Wallace

Build a house with water? This guy did

Matyas Gutai is a Hungarian architect who’s big on using water in the construction of a house. We’re not talking water fountains for therapeutic reasons but actual liquid engineering. He’s pretty keen on embedding water into the build for its thermal properties and ability to maintain a comfortable temperature. The idea behind building a house with water is to still use traditional building materials such as cement, bricks and plaster, but to incorporate water between sheets of steel or glass. That way the water is responsible for maintaining the house’s thermal condition which is said to do so rather comfortably. Gutai has […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

You need to see this sword fighting robot

Manika Laboratory based in Japan specialise in robotics with high-speed manipulation and vision that can both move and react quicker than humans. It all sounds well and good until you hear that they programmed one to be able to sword fight. Yeah, we imagine the team behind it hasn’t seen the Terminator movies. Check it out: There are a pair of high-speed cameras that act as the robot’s eyes, giving it stereo vision so that it can perceive depth. This means it knows the position of its opponent and can also recognise their movements (as well as knowing where its own sword […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Airlines can pay $300,000 for one airplane seat, here is why

The race is on between airlines to find out which one can offer the fanciest and most luxurious first and business class seating on-board their airplanes. Of course if you want the best you have to be willing to pay out a high price and for the airline this can end up costing more than what you could buy a home of average size in the US with. A single seat can cost around $300,000! So what does the airline get for shelling out such a huge sum of money? [Image Courtesy of Google] It has been said that the Boeing […]

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Could Gizmo 3D printer trump Carbon3D’s breakthrough

You may remember our recent feature of Carbon3D’s new ‘breakthrough’ in 3D printing that allowed them to produce finished products 25-100 times faster. Their process is referred to as ‘Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology’ and seems as though the part is being pulled out of a shallow pool of liquid material. Now, an Australian company, Gizmo 3D, have unveiled a similar technique that they claim is not only faster but also produces products of higher quality. They also use a stereolithography method, where the product is produced as a result of curing a photo-sensitive resin, but rather than the part being […]

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New exoskeleton boot makes walking more efficient

Futurologists have been promising for years that future generations will be enhanced with some form of exoskeleton. There are uses within military or even Daewoo’s example of factory workers who can pick up heavier things and work for longer periods of time. Now, Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University have created an exoskeleton boot that slips on quickly and easily and which makes walking more efficient. [Image Courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University] The device doesn’t require any powering either, it harnesses the power of your own muscles instead. The team behind them are confident that the inexpensive, easy-to-wear exoskeletons will become the norm […]

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Inside the Ferrari Factory: the mechanical workshop

Every Ferrari is a hand-finished piece of engineering art and all of which are built exclusively on the Maranello campus. All the vehicles are custom produced and as all installations are performed by hand the factory turns out 10 to 12 completed cars per day. The Ferrari factory was designed by french architect jean nouvel and renovated to match the improvements in technology circa 1997 by company president Luca di Montezemolo. The images below give an inside look of the ‘nuova meccanica’ (mechanical workshop) building, where engine components such as headshafts and cranks are produced. Opened in 2001 the 15,000 square meter […]