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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Audi is the first to offer synthetic gasoline

Just weeks ago Audi produced their first batch of synthetic diesel and now they are the first to offer synthetic gasoline which is petroleum free and clean burning with the name of e-benzin. The fuel comes from Global Bioenergies, a partner of Audi. [Image Courtesy of Global Bioenergies] Global Bioenergies set up a fermentation unit in 2014 with the aim of producing gaseous isobutene from among other things corn derived glucose. This can be refined in many fuels, plastics and other applications. They then run it through purification and conditioning process and stored it in liquid form under pressure. Some […]

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Self-Taught Afghan Engineer Makes Solar-Powered Vehicle

Even in the midst of an arduous war environment, a young Afghan man decided to put his talents to work for a greater cause, dealing with everyday problems in Kabul such as air pollution and traffic jams. In only 45 days, Mustafa Mohammadi manufactured a solar-powered motorbike that doesn’t pollute the environment and has a pedal system that recharges the battery even on cloudy days. After realizing how much insecurity and conflict has affected Afghans over the past three decades, the self-taught engineer developed this project aiming to improve the quality of life in his country. “”I knew I had to do it, to show the world and the Afghan […]

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World’s Most Efficient Solar Energy System Is Based On 19th-Century Technology

A Swedish company is claiming to have exceeded the boundaries of solar energy production efficiency. And in order to achieve this, the research team used a technology developed in the 19th-century. The original idea started by Robert Stirling in 1816, uses an alternation of heating and cooling a closed volume of gas in order to move a piston, able to generate energy. The project is being implemented with several 12-meter-diameter mirror dishes on the Kalahari desert in Africa. The company, Ripasso Energy managed to convert 32% of the sun’s energy to grid-ready electricity. Ripasso’s parabolic dishes rotate slowly throughout the day to make better […]

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Volkswagen’s Car Towers at Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany

The Autostadt is a visitor attraction adjacent to the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany, with a prime focus on automobiles. It features a museum, feature pavilions for the principal automobile brands in the Volkswagen Group, a customer centre where customers can pick up new cars, and take a tour through the enormous factory, a guide to the evolution of roads, and cinema in a large sphere. One of the prime attraction at the Autostadt is the two gleaming car parking towers of glass and galvanized steel where cars are automatically moved from the Wolfsburg plant and on to the customer […]

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Innovative System Produces Clean Energy From Waves

Just a dip in the sea can give you a feel of how strong the tide and sea currents can really be. But what if all this force from the sea water could be used in the production of clean energy? That’s exactly what the Carnegie Wave Energy is all about. The Perth Wave Energy Project was conceived on Garden Island, Australia, where the biggest Australian naval base is located, and it is an initiative that uses the ocean waves to generate electricity and produce drinking water. The CETO 6 is a commercial scale unit of this system, made up of buoys 20 […]

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MIT Engineers Develop Structural Vibration Visualization Method

The vibrations emitted by buildings and rigid materials are invisible to the naked eye but may indicate instability or structural damage depending on how often they happen. Detecting this problem usually requires very specific equipment that can be quite expensive. However, thanks to a new technique developed by researchers at MIT, the cost of these measurements can be decreased without affecting its accuracy. Image courtesy of MIT The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a system that allows the visualization of structure vibrations. The technique called “motion magnification” uses images captured by high-speed cameras and imaging software that breaks down high-speed […]