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Posted by Lara Lopes

The New Biggest Ship In The World

The position of greatest ship in the world now belongs to a new vessel; the Pieter Schelte built by DSME and Allsease, an absurdly big ship that is able to lift and carry an entire oil platform by itself. It is in the catamaran ship category along with two other ships that can achieve good speed even with insane sizes, as is the case here. The above photograph, taken in South Korea during a test, is very rare: the Pieter Schelte is almost never seen at sea, despite already being well in advanced stages of construction. The ship has impressive measurements: 382m x 117m, […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

$1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope begins construction in Hawaii

An enormous 30 m telescope has begun construction atop the volcanic peak of Mauna Kea in Hawaii at an expected cost of a whopping $1.4billion. After years of planning and discussions, construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) started on October 7th but the first light to enter the lens will not be until 2022. The start of the building phase was celebrated with an opening ceremony which was delayed due to protesters blocking the mountain road. [Image Courtesy of TMT] “The groundbreaking and blessing ceremony for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT), hindered by a small group of protestors for a […]

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Must See: ‘World’s Largest Ship’ Being Built in South Korea

The stunning images below were taken by photographer Alastair Philip Wiper at Opko, a port in South Korea, showing the construction of the world’s largest container ship – the Maersk Triple E (the title for largest ship goes to the Prelude FLNG). Maersk made an order back in 2011 for twenty of the vessels to be built by Daewoo Shipping at a cost of $3.8bn in total. (Photographs: Alastair Philip Wiper) The Triple E class is 400 meters long and 59 meters wide, making it only 3 meters longer and 4 meters wider than its predecessor, the E class. Despite this small increase […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

The Markthal market: These residents don’t have far to travel to go to market

The Markthal market hall in Rotterdam is home not only to a newly designed market hall, but also apartments which look down onto the market, so residents don’t have far to travel to stock up their cupboards. [Image Courtesy of MVRDV] The law changed in Rotterdam and this meant that fish and meat markets had to be covered so as to meet hygiene rules. The Markthal market underwent a transformation so as to meet the requirements and now the market is set under a gigantic arch filled with apartments that allow residents to look down onto the market. [Image Courtesy […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

New Tube: The Autonomous Future of the London Underground

Transport for London (TfL) have recently unveiled plans for 250 new “driverless” Tube trains as part of an upgrade that could cost about £16bn. The trains are not expected to be in service until the mid 2020’s and will be installed on the Piccadilly, Central, Waterloo & City and Bakerloo lines. The new trains, which have been designed by London’s Priestman Good, will initially have an operator on board but will be designed to be fully autonomous. The space freed up from lack of an operator means that passengers can enjoy the view from the front of the train, something that […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Watch: NASA video ‘Manufacturing a Large Composite Rocket Fuel Tank’

A team of engineers from NASA and Boeing have come up with a unique method of producing a composite propellant tank and they have released a video giving an insight into the process called ‘Manufacturing a Large Composite Rocket Fuel Tank’. The process used is known as Automated fiber placement (AFP) which place fiber reinforcements on moulds or mandrels autonomously. The machines use thermoset or thermoplastic pre-impregnated materials to form composite layups in a way that allows for more complex geometries than other layup methods. “The tank manufacturing process represents a number of industry breakthroughs, including automated fiber placement of oven-cured materials, fiber […]