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Posted by Alyn Wallace

NASA’s Space Launch System will be the largest rocket ever made

The Space Launch System by NASA is currently under development and is set to be the largest and most powerful rocket ever built. And according to the team who spoke at the Space Tech Expo recently, it is on course for its first test flight as early as 2018. As private space travel companies such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic are slowly taking over the low-Earth orbit level of space travel, NASA are pushing to get astronauts deeper into space than we’ve ever been. Standing at 384 feet tall (the Saturn V was 363 feet) and weighing 6.5 million pounds, the […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

India Is Planning The World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm

The National Hydro Power Corporation, the state-owned power company in India, will build a floating photovoltaic project of 50 megawatts which will be the largest of its kind in continental waters worldwide. The project, which is budgeted between € 46.9 and € 52.8 million, will be installed in lakes and reservoirs in the region of Kerala and pilot operations are scheduled for October of this year. Image by Chesky @Shutterstock “There are large stretches of water bodies in Kerala which NHPC wants to harness for solar power. This floating solar power technology was developed by the Renewable Energy College and […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Bricklaying Robot Designed to Improve Safety and Efficiency In Construction Work

Inspired by the lack of new technology in the construction business, a student at the University of Toronto designed a bricklaying robot that could help automatize masonry. This technology could easily reduce costs, improve quality, and reduce the need for skilled labor. Bricklaying is highly repetitive and physically exhaustive, therefore, it is logical to consider automatization for this process. Also, the lack of skilled workers is a problem confronted by many industrialized countries. Mason robots could build more quickly, more accurately and waste less material, eventually decreasing the whole cost of construction. Human workers can only work for a certain […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Surfs Up in Rotterdam! Well it will be by June 2015 thanks to RiF010

There are many places around the world associated with offering great surf but Rotterdam certainly isn’t one of them. That could be about to change however thanks to the RiF010 project which is expected to open by June 2015 at the Steigersgracht Canal. [Image Courtesy of RiF010] The project came from an initiative from the Rotterdam City Council in which they saw several ideas that could make the city better which was then put to a public vote. The RiF010 won the majority of the votes and it now has the backing of a €3.6 million fund. It was said that funds raised by […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Daewoo workers get super human strength with exoskeleton

Daewoo have been testing out the use of exoskeletons on workers, which allow the average man to pick up and carry a lump of metal around 70 pounds in weight as though it were nothing. The exoskeleton gives humans superhuman strength and Daewoo are getting ready to use them on workers in their South Korean shipyards. [Image Courtesy of Daewoo] The robotic exoskeletons will fit people between 63 and 73 inches tall and the suit allows the worker to walk around just as they normally would. The suit weighs in at 60 pounds and it allows natural motion of the […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Olaf Diegel is making sweet music on a 3D printed alto saxophone

When Olaf Diegel attended Euromold last year he saw a band playing 3D printed instruments and he was then challenged by the Professor of Product Development at Lund University in Sweden to make a working 3D printed saxophone. He has now revealed the first prototype. [Image Courtesy of Olaf Diegel] Diegel took a traditional alto saxophone and used it as a template so that he could reverse engineer the key spacings and mechanisms. He constructed his design using SolidWorks CAD software and produced the STL files that he was going to need to make the saxophone on a selective laser sintering printer. His work […]