Simulation to Solve Changing Technology Demands of the Refining & Petrochemical Industries

When25 February 2016
WhereHouston, United States
VenueHouston Marriott Energy Center

The refining and petrochemical industries are undergoing tremendous change. On one hand, the influx of cheap shale gas demands fuel flexibility of combustion processes in crackers. On the other hand, crudes are becoming heavier, but the requirements on sulfur content in fuels are becoming more stringent to meet pollution control regulations. All of this results in the demand of cutting-edge technology that can meet the needs and reduce cost of production at the same time.

These are the issues we will discuss in this workshop – focusing on the common challenges faced by the refining and petrochemical industries.

These Include:

  • Heater in Naphtha Cracking
  • Optimization of Burners and Heaters in Crude Refining
  • Steam Methane Reforming
  • Catalyst Characterization in Packed Bed Reactors

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers from EPC, operators, refiners, petrochemical complexes and industrial gases producers, who would like to learn how fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle flow (DEM) simulation can be deployed to improve and optimize processes.
  • Engineering managers who would like to expand their technical offering to business units in meeting market demands.
  • CFD and simulation engineers who would like to learn the advantages of engineering simulation in design space exploration and optimization.
This event is free, but registration is required as spaces are limited. Visit our event page to learn more.