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First Ever Nokia Android SmartPhone Unveiled at the 2014 MWC

February 27, 2014

Nokia excited attendees at the 2014 Mobile World Congres when they introduced 3 new Nokia Android SmartPhone options with the Nokia X series, which provides an affordable SmartPhone built on an Android operating system. This officially brings Nokia back into a leading slot within top mobile phone companies. The new Nokia Android SmartPhone is certain to be a success, it has been designed with a sleek and stylish body that’s packed with Android features. Would you consider ditching your high priced mobile device if you could get the same features, an easy user interface and a comfortable sleek feel for far less money? Imagine top of the line for mediocre prices, let me be the first to say, sign me up.

Nokia SmartPhone X Series.2

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Nokia has developed 3 Android SmartPhones within their X Series; the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL. All three of these Nokia Android SmartPhones have been given a fun and sleek design. Each one has a bold cover, available in a popular color choice. At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, attendants saw for the first time the sleek design, an ultra slim model that will add comfort of use to any Nokia Android SmartPhone owner. Who doesn’t want both style and comfort? This is exactly what Nokia developers kept in mind when designing the X Series, SmartPhones built to the desires of Nokia consumers around the world.

Nokia SmartPhone Touch

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The Nokia Android SmartPhone X and X+ models come standard with a 4.0 touchscreen. It has added memory, with an additional SD card slot, providing additional memory for extra media storage. The entire series has simple slide functioning, making navigation within the Nokia Android SmartPhone user friendly.


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Users get a wide range of popular mobile apps that come standard in the Nokia Android SmartPhone X Series. Users can easily access Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Mix Radio and many more. There are also several Microsoft apps provided to perform a simplistic virtual office environment. Whether using the Nokia Android SmartPhone for pleasure or business, user experience is equally simplistic and advanced.


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Even though the Nokia Android SmartPhones come standard with built in features, a slim design and bold color styles, they will be sold at an affordable price. Users within all walks of life will be able to afford one of the X series Android phones. The Nokia X Series SmartPhones will be starting with a sale price of 89 Euros or 121 US dollars. In comparison to other SmartPhones available on the market, Nokia has made an extremely low priced Android SmartPhone available with top of the line features. Get in line early, with this price people are likely to be breaking down the doors.


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