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Flying Builders

August 31, 2012

flying robots building tower

In this project architects and a robotics specialist unite their skills and knowledge. The result is a 6 meter tall tower built with 1500 foam bricks. This installation is called “Flight Assembled Architecture” and was opened on December 1-st, 2011, at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, near Paris. The robotics specialist is Raffaello D’andrea, architects names are Fabio Gamazio and Matthias Kohler, all from ETH Zurich.


Simply explained, the tower is built as follows. At the beginning robots grab foam bricks from the ground. After that the quadcopters receive the information about where exactly the bricks should be placed on. The exact coordinates are based on a detailed digital blueprint of the building. Next they take-off and bring the bricks on their places. When the robot’s battery is exhausted, it automatically lands on a charger area and a new flying robot replaces him. Four robots are used at the same time.


Gamazio and Kohler draw a project for a “vertical village” and this foam tower is 1:100 model of it. If built for real, it would be 600m high and each “brick” would hold up to three levels of dwellings or cinemas, different shops, etc. 30 000 people would be able to live in a place like that.




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