Meet FrogLog: A Tiny Little Inflatable Ramp That Saves Animals from Drowning in Pools

June 26, 2017

If you are in the northern hemisphere you are probably starting to feel the heat as summer ramps up. Same goes for animals who are looking to cool down too, a pursuit that often sees them get into some trouble. If you’ve ever owned or went on holiday near a pool you know what we are talking about. Animals looking to cool down or simply want to have a drink can get trapped in domestic pools. Luckily a very clever animal lover has the answer in the form of ‘FrogLog’.

[Image Source: FrogLog]

FrogLog is a ramp system that gives animals a way to climb out of pools or ponds. Consisting of a floating pad, a netted ramp, and a weight, the frog gate is placed in the pool with the weight holding the ramp in place. Animals can then swim over to the floating pad, climb up the ramp and return to dry land. Photos on the company’s website show lizards, frogs, snakes and even mice using the neat system.

[Image Source: FrogLog]

[Image Source: FrogLog]

[Image Source: FrogLog]

[Image Source: FrogLog]

The brains behind the life-saving device is wildlife biologist Rich Mason. Like many genius ideas, his first prototype was for personal use, then he made them for friends and now you too can own a frog gate. Mason describes how he started working on the idea:

“Because I’m a wildlife biologist, I’m the one who gets called when friends have snakes in their garage, that kind of thing,” Mason explained “This friend was pulling out dead frogs every day from their pool … I was kind of shocked.”

The first FrogLog models were made from scraps of material and foam he found around his house refining the idea many times before going into commercial production.

[Image Source: FrogLog]

Mason estimates there about 100,000 new pools built every year in the U.S. which means the danger is growing for animals living in suburban areas. Most frogs and wildlife are more active at night, which means pool owners were reporting waking to dead animals without having a chance to save them.

FrogLog plays into the animal’s natural instinct to swim to the edge of the pool. In this case, it will bump into the floating pad and scramble to safety. In warm weather animal deaths in pools and decorative ponds are really common although there doesn’t seem to be more than anecdotal evidence on the phenomenon.

FrogLog is targeted towards animals that regularly found in suburban areas such as frogs and small rodents. If you discover an unusual or potentially dangerous animal in your yard it is best to contact wildlife services. YouTube is full of crazy stories about animals in pools, especially from the land down under where people regularly report dangerous snakes and even crocodiles swimming around.

Sources: DodoMetro

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