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Futuristic Spaceship-Like Home Nestled in the Hills of Russia

November 11, 2012

Capital Hill Residence designed by British architect, Zaha Hadid, is nestled in the hillside of Barvikhva, a village in the Odintsovsky District of Moscow, Russia. Surrounded by 20 meter tall birch trees, this futuristic, spaceship-looking home was commissioned by Russian billionaire entrepreneur, Vladislav Doronin, boyfriend of American supermodel, Naomi Campbell. Still under construction, Capital Hill Residence has two main components. The first component hugs the ground and merges with the hillside while the second component is a tall projection that overlooks the landscape. It looks almost like a periscope jetting from a submarine.

The home is 2650 square meters (28, 500 square feet) and the overlook is 22 meters (72 ft) high. The home has four levels. The lower level will involve two types of baths, Turkish and Russian, a Finnish sauna, fitness and massage center. The ground level will be for parking and the first level will have children’s bedroom, study, and guest room. The third floor will feature the living room, kitchen and dining, as well as an indoor swimming pool, and a reception hall. The top most level will feature the master bedroom with gorgeous views of the hills and wooded areas.

Ms. Hadid’s modern style of architecture is known for pushing the boundaries of geometric styling. She is the first and only woman to have won the Pritzker Architecture Prize (thought to be the Nobel Prize of Architecture). From her website, Ms. Hadid’s interest in architecture is described as a “rigorous interface between architecture, landscape and geology as her practice integrates natural topography and human-made systems, leading to experimentation with cutting-edge technologies.”



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