These Incredible Mixed Metal Bowls Revive the Lost Art of Sand-Casting

April 23, 2017

Kawther Al Saffar, a Kuwaiti designer and artist, has brought back the ancient art of sand-casting with a contemporary twist. She has launched a Kickstarter project by the name of Dual Bowls, which is already successfully funded. As the name suggests, the bowls are made from a combination of two metals. Not only is casting with sand economical, but also sustainable.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

The Designer and Her Team

Kawther is a Kuwaiti millennial, who attempts to bridge the gap between art and design through her multi-disciplinary work. In her own words, she “focuses on finding patterns for human intimacy and truth, whether this manifests itself in finding cultural significance, integrity in materials, or creating human connections”.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

She comes from a family involved in the copper and metal smithing trade. You can check out all her work here. The sand-casting methods have been developed in partnership with Alwafi Foundry in Kuwait, and they use sand acquired from the nearby Nile river.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

The mould sizes for the bowls have been worked on in the metal spinning facility: Kuwait Aluminium Brass Industry. By partnering with locals, Kawther is also hoping to uplift their day-to-day life.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

The brand has already been showcased in Nuqat, D3 in Dubai, Benchmark, and Milan Design Week.

Dual Bowls

The sand-casted dual bowls are available in a variety of metals and finishes, and come in three sizes. Rather than trying to hide or remove imperfections, this method actually highlights them. The metal finishes available are red copper, yellow brass, silver zinc, and silver nickel, each of which offers unique characteristics.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

Red Copper is the rarest and most valuable.

Yellow Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is commonly available, yet is of high value.

Silver Zinc a composite of recycled zinc, which reduces the brittleness of pure zinc.

Silver Nickel is a copper-nickel-zinc alloy which has a silvery finish.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

The metals are combined using different methods, each of which results in a different look and transition between the two metals.


This is the most experimental of the three methods, in which both the metals are poured in molten form into a single form. This results in a natural and merged transition.


This is a more predictable combining method, in which the solid metal is cut and key’ed, and the molten metal is poured on. The resulting transition is sharp and locked.


This method is similar to the commonly known practice of metal plating: the base metal is half dipped in the liquid coating metal, giving a seamless and gradual shift in colour and a faded and layered transition.

The project also offers backers the option to get a bowl with or without a matte powder coating. With the antibacterial coating, the brightness of the metals will stay intact for a long time, as claimed on the project page. Without it, the metal will become deeper and darker as it oxidises with time. 

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

Getting Your Hands on One

The small dual bowls start at GBP 56 for Kickstarter backers, and the prices will go up as the project rewards run out of super-early and early-bird slots. The medium and large bowls start at GBP 106 and 159 respectively. Premium offerings such as usage of Copper metal, custom engravings, and a carry bag will run backers some extra pounds.

[Image Source: Saffar Crafts]

There’s even an extra-large statement piece at GBP 1900. Keep in mind, though, that at the moment the Kickstarter rewards are only shipping to a few countries.

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