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Posted by Allison Blackburn

Vertical City concept for sustainability in the Sahara

The concept was named the Sand Tower and its proposed height is 1, 476 feet, which is half the height of the Burj Khalifia, but with a total amount of floor space that is larger, at 78 hectares. [Image Courtesy of OXO Architectes] OXO Architectes has designed the building with a central tower on the inside that is covered with vegetation and this provides the vertical garden with shelter from the harsh conditions. Around 22% of the tower would be offered as office space; around 17.5% would be used for a hotel, while 15% is used for floor space. The […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

10 obsolete technologies

Technology is advancing fast and what was the in-thing when parents of teenagers today were small, is now classed as obsolete. In fact, many children would look at the following technology and have no idea what it was used for. So here is our choice of top technologies that are obsolete. 10 The Floppy Disk [Image Courtesy of Google] The Floppy Disk is the old equivalent of what we have today in the form of the USB drive. The Floppy Disk first appeared in 8 inches but was cut down to 3 ½ inches. It could hold what was considered […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Frank Green’s SmartCup Makes Your Daily Grind Easier

What if the reusable cups you get at your local coffee shop could do little more than just hold that early morning cup o’Joe? What if it was also a convenient way to pay for the coffee itself? This is what Australian entrepreneurs at Frank Green proposed with their new SmartCup which is not only eco-friendly but also incorporates technology that allows you to pay for your coffee using the cup itself. How it works: Customers buy a SmartCup -which are available in several different colors- on their website and download the CafePay smartphone application. Then costumers can simply order their coffee and pay for it triggering a […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Scientifically engineered game develops creativity in kids

With evidence suggesting a decline in creativity over recent years Maker Monsters are looking to rekindle the fire of creativity within young people. And they’re not just talking about creativity in arts but also in the technical subjects; science, math, engineering and technology. “Creativity levels in kids have been decreasing every year since 1990. After hearing these disturbing reports, it has become something of a personal challenge for us here at Maker Monsters. We are on a mission to help get our kids back on the road to creativity!” says the project founder Michael Leip. Leip is a mobile games developer who […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

The 5 most significant technology mergers and acquisitions

We have seen many big and significant technology mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector and here we feature five of the biggest. In some cases the mergers and acquisitions below have seen billions change hands and they have all gone towards defining the tech landscape as it stands now. Google purchase of Android [Image Courtesy of Google.blogspot] Google has made numerous acquisitions over the past few years but one of their most significant was Android in 2005. At this time very few people had heard about Android or Andy Rubin and so the deal when it comes to money […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Tuition free training offered by Tennessee Reconnect

The Tennessee Reconnect grant from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Nashville USA gives thousands of adults the chance to learn, without tuition and fees attached. It is expected that thousands of new students will enrol in the college in the fall following a recent open house which saw more than 650 adults apply for a grant to attend in just four hours. Towards the end of the week 2,500 people had put in an application. [Image Courtesy of Tennessean] The grant means that people wanting to learn but who don’t have the money to pay out for tuition […]