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Posted by Lara Lopes

How to cook a turkey like an engineer

With Thanksgiving come and gone again I bet you wish you saw this in-depth engineers analysis of cooking the perfect turkey. Travis Mikjaniec, an application engineer at the Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics, has used 3D modelling software to model not just the turkey but various ovens and racks. Then he built a computational fluid dynamics model to investigate into the airflow and see how various factors affected the cooking. “Just exactly what is the best way to cook a large turkey, what effect does the type of oven have, and what type of rack and roasting pan produces the best […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Reflections of 10 of the most stunning cities from around the world

There is nothing quite as stunning as the glowing lights of the big city glittering at night, but more beautiful are the cities that are reflected in water. Here we have some of the most stunning cities and their watery reflections. 1 Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia [Image Courtesy of OddStuffmagazine] Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a beautiful city that is home to more than 1.6 million people. The Greater Kuala Lumpur also has the name of Klang Valley, while this is also where the tallest twin buildings are found, the Petronas Twin Towers. 2 Los Angeles, USA [Image Courtesy of […]

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Man Spends 25 Years Hand-Digging Beautiful Caves With Unbelievable Detail

Self-taught artist Ra Paulette has spent the last 25 years turning the hillsides of northern New Mexico into unbelievably ornate caves. The 67-year-old doesn’t use big, fancy machinery either. He digs out the caves and carves detailed patterns within their walls with basic hand tools. His hand-dug caves are museum-like caverns whose walls serve as the actual art on display. The diligent artist has created about a dozen caves after dedicating nearly half his life to his art. Paulette’s caves, which he refers to as his wilderness shrines, include detailed columns that can reach 40 feet high. They also tend to feature […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Do you know why Heineken bottles used to be square?

As the Earth’s resources are continually being depleted, building from recycled materials is becoming more and more common. But, would you ever consider an empty beer bottle to be the fundamental bricks of your new home? There are actually a plethora of buildings that boast glass bottle walls from houses, chapels and even a Buddhist temple. But the technology is nothing that new. Back in 1960, executives at the Heineken brewery drew up a plan for a “brick that holds beer,” a rectangular beer bottle that could also be used to build homes. In 1864, a man named Gerard Adriaan Heineken […]

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Watch: F1 transporter jumps speeding Lotus F1 car in epic world-record stunt!

A giant semi-truck sets a new Guinness world record after catapulting over a speeding Lotus F1 car. The jump was made as an advert for EMC technology, who are technology partners for Lotus F1 team. Check it out in the video below: In fact the drivers, Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov, are experience stunt drivers in various Bond, Bourne, and Fast and Furious films, so perhaps the cinematic quality of the leap shouldn’t be so surprising. The Lotus team are now in possession of an impressive new world record as the F1 transporter managed to clear the longest ever truck jump […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Top 10 stunning computer generated landscapes

Believe it or not the pictures below are of landscapes that have been generated using a computer. It takes a great deal of skill, time and imagination (plus the most advanced graphic design software and high spec computer) to be able to generate images like these. It’s just amazing how some artists can create such realistic worlds. These are our top 10 stunning computer generated landscapes. 1 Worlds Collide – Ognian Bonev [Image Courtesy of Ognian Bonev] The picture above was created by Ognian Bonev, a computer designer from Bulgaria. To create the picture he used 3DS Max, Mental Ray […]