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Posted by Allison Blackburn

WWII bomb shelter 100ft below London tubes becomes subterranean farm

Sitting 100 feet below the London tube station in Clapham is a WWII bomb shelter and it has now been turned into a subterranean farm growing mini vegetables, salads and herbs thanks to chef Michel Roux Jnr. [Image Courtesy of National News and Pictures] Michel Roux Jnr is a Michelin starred chef and he along with two entrepreneurs has launched the brand Growing Underground. Phase one of the project is going to start with the growing of rocket, parsley, radish, pea shoots, mustard, red amaranth and celery. [Image Courtesy of National News and Pictures] So far the team has managed […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Your childhood was a lie: Claw machines are rigged!

Remember those claw machines filled with plush toys that were very popular in the 90’s? Have you actually managed to ever score a prize? If not, just know that you were not alone. And the problem is not your lack of ability, those claw machines are actually rigged. All those coins you spent throughout your childhood in numerous attempts to beat the machine and manage to catch a stuffed animal were really not your fault. A recent research revealed that the mechanism of these machines can be manipulated to have a grip strong enough to “grab” the object only part of the time. The […]

Posted by Alan Adamu

Harvard’s Lung-on-a-chip wins Design of the Year

Lung-on-a-chip is what they call it – Harvard’s new innovation that won Design of the Year from London’s Design Museum. This new technology has the potential to replace animal testing in pharmaceutical companies. This device was created by the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.  It is basically a small transparent device that tries to mimic the properties of the human lung. It contains human tissue structures and is flexible enough to accommodate both the stretching and relaxation mechanisms observed during human respiration. Tubes connected to a main block carry airway cells from the air sac and human […]

Posted by Alan Adamu

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run, Find out how!

This irrigation pump needs no fuel to run. It also does not run on electricity. It was invented by a Dutch startup company called aQysta and won Europe’s best clean-technology innovation of 2014. It is called the Barsha irrigation pump. So what does it run on? The Barsha irrigation pump capitalizes on the energy of a flowing body of water – a river for example. It comprises of a single wheel that sits on a platform. This platform can float on water so that the water can pass under the wheel. As the body of water flows under the platform, it causes the wheel to spin. […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

These 3D printed metal faucets seem physically impossible to funtion

3D printers are increasingly being used to create new and innovative designs in everything from cars to home decor that defy the traditional manufacturing techniques. Using state-of-the-art technology and a whole lot of inspiration, the North American plumbing and building product manufacturer American Standard, launched it’s DXV line of metal 3D printed faucets. The new designs open up new possibilities of using faucets for more than what they’re originally meant to be, but as unique and beautiful pieces of decoration as well. American Standard created these faucets in such complex shapes that it makes you wonder if it actually works. But in order to make them functional the design […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

This hair dryer art installation will blow your mind

Antoine Terrieux is a juggler and magician who developed an illusionism show based on the use of physics, combining air currents with a precision that only circus artists could manage to achieve. He fused science and art to create kinetic artworks using different arrangements of hair dryers propelling an impressive continuous motion, such as a paper airplane endlessly flying in circles, a string dancing in the air, or a spinning vortex of water vapor. Antoine Terrieux’s art installation at La Maison Des Jonglages in La Courneuve near Paris uses the air dryer’s airflow to levitate the objects, making it look quite magical. He often uses this hair dryer technique on stage […]