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Posted by Allison Blackburn

The SpaceLife Jacket for budding NASA moon walkers

The majority of us will never make the cut to be among the NASA astronauts who are chosen to walk on the moon but you can at least get a feel of what it’s like wearing a jacket worn by astronauts. The SpaceLife jacket is a look alike but not an actual replica of the spacesuits that real life astronauts wear. [Image Courtesy of SpaceLife] The SpaceLife jacket isn’t actually anything to do with NASA and it doesn’t come with the seal of approval from Neil Armstrong, but anyone who would like to be an astronaut but never will be, […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Top 10 Worst Disasters in Engineering

#10. Tacoma Washington Bridge Disaster The Tacoma Narrows Bridge is a pair of mile-long (1600 meter) suspension bridges with main spans of 2800 feet (850 m). The first bridge, nicknamed Galloping Gertie, was opened to traffic on July 1, 1940, and became famous four months later for a dramatic wind-induced structural collapse that was caught on color motion picture film. Surprisingly the only fatality was a black Cocker Spaniel. The first replacement bridge opened in 1950, and a parallel bridge opened in 2007. #9. Cleveland East Ohio Gas Explosion This disaster occurred on the afternoon of Friday, October 20, 1944. […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Derby the dog can lead normal life thanks to 3D printed legs

3D printing has been used for many things but there is no better use for the technology than when put to use to help mankind, or in this case animal kind. Derby the dog was born without front paws and only small forelegs and couldn’t live a normal life. He was in a dog rescue group and then went to live in a foster home. But thanks to 3D printing technology from 3DS, a new set of leg were tailor made  and now Derby can enjoy a normal life. [Image Courtesy of 3D Systems] 3DS first 3D scanned the forelegs […]

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The 10 Greatest Feats of Engineering 2014

2014 has been a great year for engineering with many enormous milestones and achievements seeing succession and the near future already filled with exciting promises. Below we present 10 of the best engineering feats of the year gone by: 10. Form-fitting compression space suit will aid in planetary exploration Location: Cambridge, MA Who’s Working on it: MIT Interstellar fans will certainly receive flashbacks after reading the words ‘planetary exploration’. With statements from the likes of incredible physicist Stephen Hawking and entrepreneurial extremist Elon Musk with regards to space travel as the only guaranteed survival for the human race, these space suits may come in […]

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10 things that you won’t find in your Christmas stocking

Unless you are among those lucky enough not to have to ask the price of things when Christmas shopping, here are 10 things that you are not going to find in your stocking this year; either because they don’t fit, or probably just because you can’t afford them. We can always dream, eh? 1 The Mega yacht Chopi Chopi [Image Courtesy of Gizmag] The mega yacht Chopi Chopi will certainly not be in your Christmas stocking this year, for one thing it would be too big to fit into even the largest stocking. This is a luxury floating mansion home […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Pyro lets you shoot fireballs from your wrist and they’re taking orders for $174

The new Pyro Fireshooter by Ellusionist is a discreet device worn like a watch that lets the wearer shoot fireballs from their wrist at the push of a button. What’s more is that they are taking orders at a crazily affordable price; US$174. “This is not a toy,” Ellusionist’s Pyro website warns. “This is a ‘badass’ professional device that allows you to launch fireballs from your open palm.” Yeah, those dreams as a child of having the super power of shooting fire is not that far away from your grasp. So, “how does it work” and “what does it do” I […]