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Kjeragbolten Boulder

The Kjeragbolten boulder is a huge rock wedged more than 1000 meters up between two cliff faces. The boulder is situated in the Kjerag mountain, in Norway. Rumours say that the rock got stuck there sometime during the last ice age. Today, it’s one of the most popular places to get your picture taken. Even though the boulder hangs more than a kilometer above the water below, and there’s no hand rail or safety net, people walk (in some cases, crawl) out onto the rock for a photo shoot. Evidently the rock’s surface is flat enough that walking out onto […]

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Snail House-Nautilus

What would you do if you have a lot of money? Buy a super car, or maybe yacht and a mansion? Well, Magali and Fernando Mayorga decided to use their money for building a house, but not one of the ordinary houses you see every day. Their house is called Nautilus and the name is not casual – the house has the shape of a giant mollusk, more precisely a snail. You can discover this house at Mexico City, built there by the architect Javier Senosiain. This is a great example of how the nature could be taken as a […]

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A mountain Hideaway Above an Apartment High-rise in the Heart of Beijing

There was a time when if you happen to live deep within the busy streets of Beijing and needed that mountain hideaway escape, you just may have been able to find one by heading up to the roof. No that’s not a typo and yes you did read that right. Zhang Lin, a university professor had built his very own mountain villa above a 26 story high-rise. It’s an impressive architectural feat that had become quite popular throughout Beijing and among sightseeing tourist from all over the world. (Photo Credit) Sadly, this amazing architectural mountain hideaway had a relatively short […]

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McCurdy’s Armor ,So Practical !

This new armor type is named after a soldier named Ryan McCurdy who died in 2006. This armor has gun ports and steel plated armor. It would be a great solution where the war is led under guerilla conditions, like Afghanistan and the Middle East. McCurdy’s Armor is a private contractor who makes armor that assembles like it was an erector set, and provides protection to the mobile military forces. We may consider it as something like a mobile bunker. The armor can assemble into a 6.5 ft high defence tower in approximately 10 min., and it requires no tools […]

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Flying Builders !

In this project architects and a robotics specialist unite their skills and knowledge. The result is a 6 meter tall tower built with 1500 foam bricks. This installation is called “Flight Assembled Architecture” and was opened on December 1-st, 2011, at the FRAC Centre in Orleans, near Paris. The robotics specialist is Raffaello D’andrea, architects names are Fabio Gamazio and Matthias Kohler, all from ETH Zurich.  Simply explained, the tower is built as follows. At the beginning robots grab foam bricks from the ground. After that the quadcopters receive the information about where exactly the bricks should be placed on. […]

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Lake Union Floating House

This is the latest project of V + C Architects (Vandeventer + Carlander). This private residence floats on Lake Union in Seattle and offers great panoramic views of downtown Seattle southward, Gas Works Park to the north and Queen Anne Hill to the west. With no space to spare, the home has a compact waterprint and easily combines indoor and outdoor living. The customers required a home that was modern and would meet their needs for comfortable living and gracious entertaining. The result is a design that turns the traditional floor plan upside down with the personal rooms on the […]