Jaguar C-X75

August 19, 2012

This is a concept hybrid car developed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Interesting here is that two small gas turbines charge the batteries when they get depleted. Electric charge in batteries provides range of 110km and after that both turbines are activated which prolongs the range to the impressive 900km. So if you own this car you can load it from the power grid while you drive in your town and simply use the turbines while you’re on a longer trip.
Each wheel is propelled by a single electric engine with 194 horsepower which makes 776 horsepower for the whole car. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 330km/h and it accelerates as the champions in this competition – 0-100km/h just in 3.4 seconds. A great feature of the micro turbines is that they’re able to burn wide range of fuels – biofuels, petroleum gas, diesel and compressed natural gas. The pair of micro turbines produces 180 horsepower and, as stated by Dr. Anthony Harper (head of Research and Advanced Engineering in Jaguar), each turbine weighs 80 pounds, including the generator, which is nearly five times lighter than a piston engine with the same power.
The manufacturer is planning to build another variation of C-X75 where turbines are exchanged for a small, highly forced piston engine and two electric motors (a single motor for each axle, instead of four engines for each wheel).
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