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PositionPhD Quantitative Researcher
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Job Ref0000037
LocationLondon, United Kingdom

Job description

A fundamental change in finance in the last few decades is the on-going exponential growth in the amount of available data. Our researchers develop investment ideas by finding patterns in large, noisy and rapidly changing real-world data sets, trying to extract underlying causes and effects. They apply scientific methods from diverse disciplines including Bayesian statistics, signal processing and machine learning. The role involves seeking these signals using techniques such as time series analysis, probability theory and regression analysis.

For the internship you will be paired with a member of the Quant team as a mentor and work on a research project that is business critical. The role will reflect the potential of a full time position in the company. We aim to make the project interesting and similar to the work that an entry level Quant might first embark on. The salary is competitive and the working hours 9-6pm.

Desired Skills and Experience

*You will need a strong background in mathematics.
* In the penultimate or final year of a PhD degree in a highly quantitative subject (mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics or engineering) is desirable.
* Previous financial experience is not required, although interest in finance and the motivation to rapidly learn more is a prerequisite for working here.
* Since programming is an important part of the work, knowledge of numerical programming in an object-oriented language is useful.
*Experience working with large data sets is also valuable.

What is essential is practical, hands-on ability to apply mathematical concepts to real world financial problems, to implement theoretical insights as working code, and the ability to work independently in a research environment.