Volunteer: Agriculture & Animal Science Internship – Global Nomadic

PositionAgriculture & Animal Science Internship
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LocationPanama City


This internship will see you take part in a truly unique and inspiring project quite like no other – the development of the world’s most sustainable residential community. The company behind this initiative was formed out of a desire to transcend traditional real estate and create both a place and a way of living in harmony with nature, utilizing natural sources responsibly and bring together inspirational people from the world over. In 2014, construction of the town will start taking place on a 375-acre plot of land in the middle of the jungle. Currently only accessible by a dirt road, the land area is situated about an hour from Panama City, close to the town of San Miguel.

The purpose of the Agriculture & Animal Science Internship Program is to create and maintain the organic farm adjacent to the town. The goal of the project is to transform the standard of farming in tropical regions by making organic farming beneficial for all. In the process of building the world’s most sustainable town, it is of utmost importance to create a cultivation system, which allows for the preservation of the natural beauty of the land and safeguarding existing ecosystems. This will be done by copying systems already found in nature that promote an ecologically responsible use of the land.

Daily Life

The program produces crops using permaculture and sustainable farming techniques. The farm started out with some chickens and a horse, though more animals will follow as the farm and town grows. Your work will also include designing and building basic infrastructure such as chicken coos, loafing sheds and other structures to provide shade and shelter for the animals.

Of course you will have time to do more than just work -Panama is bursting with places to see and things to do and you are encouraged to get out and explore during time off.

Vacation days vary depending on the semester for which you are applying. We take both Panamanian and major American holidays into account. Visits by family do not count towards vacation days.


* Min age 18
* Minimum 11 weeks commitment
* Enthusiasm and interest in conservation and environmental projects
* Able to live and work in basic conditions
* Good physical fitness
* A medical statement from your physician (form provided upon enrolment).
* Conversational English
* Full travel & medical insurance with diving and non-diving emergencies included.
* Necessary vaccinations
* Necessary flights & visas (we will provide the necessary sponsor letter for your visa)

*For minimum duration requirements, please refer to the Costs tab.

Duration: 11-12 weeks

Cost: $4995 USD / £2950 GBP Project Fee for the 11 week programme – see ‘Costs’ tab for further details.

Start Dates: Set start dates throughout the year.


  • Help develop and build the world’s most sustainable town
  • Truly unique internship experience with emphasis on hands-on learning & personal growth
  • Ideal for those studying agriculture, permaculture, sustainability & environmental sciences
  • Keywords: permaculture, agriculture, serious internship, sustainability, community development, sustainable infrastructure, experiential education