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McCurdy’s Armor ,So Practical !

October 17, 2012

This new armor type is named after a soldier named Ryan McCurdy who died in 2006. This armor has gun ports and steel plated armor. It would be a great solution where the war is led under guerilla conditions, like Afghanistan and the Middle East.

McCurdy’s Armor is a private contractor who makes armor that assembles like it was an erector set, and provides protection to the mobile military forces. We may consider it as something like a mobile bunker. The armor can assemble into a 6.5 ft high defence tower in approximately 10 min., and it requires no tools for assembly. McCurdy’s Armor can resist to bullets, grenades, and even IED (Improvised Explosive Device) impacts.

So far, the US Marine Corps ordered 14 of these units, but there is no information about any usage.  They had a sale to the Marines for $800,000 but it is for a number of units, not just one. It looks much better than sandbagging, or concrete, or whatever the military is using do defend soldiers at present. With few of them the squad is able to build small fort as a tactical point in combat, for example.



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