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inFORM: New 2.5D Interface

November 11, 2013

Nowadays we see a lot of stuff from the science fiction getting real, some things are just single prototypes while others get into mass production and we consider them as part of our every day life. Such things are flexible keyboards, transparent screens, interfaces that create tactile sensations in the air, cloaking mantles and many more.


The current project is a table that creates 2.5D shape that mimics other shapes and motions. Why it is called 2.5D shape? Probably because we see two and a half of the shape’s dimensions instead of a full 3-Dimensional object. The development belongs to Hiroshi Ishii from MIT Media Lab.
inFORM consists of two tables. One of them scans the object above itself and transfers the information to the other table, which recreates the shape and the motion of the scanned object via lots of columns.
According to the official paper of the research, the research team believes that “shapechanging interfaces will become increasingly available in the future, and this work tries to push towards creating a vocabulary and design space for more general-purpose interaction for shape displays, including rendering of both content and UI elements.”

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