This Multifunctional Zip Tie is What You Didn’t Know You Needed

May 22, 2017

Zip ties are those needed bits of plastic that you hate to run out of. It’s frustrating when you’re working on a project, have to undo a zip tie, and then go to fasten something with a new zip tie only to find you’re fresh out. This new zip tie is not only just as durable as the regular plastic ones; it’s also reusable. The MUTDUT MultiCinch allows you to tie, build, and fix things in a ‘cinch.’

MultiCinches are elastic and durable enough to handle nearly everything. They come in three sizes, and each size is perfect for a unique use. The smaller ties help with organizing cables and small repairs. Medium is ideally used for camping, outdoor work, and gardening needs.

[Image Source: MUTDUT via Kickstarter]

They’re good for anything that needs a bit more strength on a zip tie. The large ties can help with heavy work loads like boating, rafting, or mountain biking.

[Image Source: MUTDUT via Kickstarter]

The ties are symmetrical and reversible. Each part of the tie can function as a plug or socket. No frustrating male or female parts. You can’t tie them wrong because it’s so easy to get them right. A lack of buckles or metal clasps means MutliCinches won’t scratch up or damage your car, bike, or boat. They’re also waterproof and non-absorbent, so you can use them over and over without losing grip.

[Image Source: MUTDUT via Kickstarter]

For just $7 USD, you can get a medium 18-inch MultiCinch and two small 9-inch ties. The Starter Pack comes with a $16 pledge, and it gets buyers two large ties at 26 inches each, two medium ties, and two small ties.

[Image Source: MUTDUT via Kickstarter]

For more information, check out the MultiCinch project on Kickstarter. It has 20 days left to back the project and an overall goal sure $25,000 USD. You can also keep up with MUTDUT on Facebook.

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