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Nano-UVTM Dual Scanner

October 20, 2012

When traveling in unknown and probably unclean places, or while you are at your residence, you can clean dangerous microorganisms that you may inhabit your drinking water or on surfaces with the Nano-UVTM Dual Scanner. UV Disinfecting Lights have been used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces for years. However, unlike those lights which only emit UV-C light and take up to an hour to disinfect, the Nano-UVTM Disinfection Scanner emits UV-A and UV-C light which destroys 99% of targeted microorganisms on the surface within 10 seconds. Targeted micro pathogens include bacteria like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella typhimurium, and viruses: H1N1. This portable handheld unit is the perfect cleaner accessory for camping, travel and everyday use. When ordinary chemical disinfectants can’t be used, the Nano-UVTM Dual Scanner is a very useful and environmentally friendly alternative.

The gadget comes with a built in timers for both water and surface disinfection, has automatic shut down and child safe buttons, operates on 4 AAA batteries and is an environmentally friendly alternative when sprays, ointments and chemicals can’t be used. The Nano UV is 6 inches wide, 1 and ¾ inches deep and 2 inches high and you can have it for 99 dollars.



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