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National Library of Belarus

October 21, 2012

Exists officially from September 15, 1922, but in 2006 is housed in a new building which is the subject of this article. The building is located in Minsk and is rhombicuboctahedron. It is 72 meters tall with 22 floors and provides space for 2,000 readers, and also has a conference hall with 500 seats. Viktor Kramarenko and Mikhail Vinogradov are architects of the building, which opened doors on 16 June 2006.

Besides functioning as a full spectrum library, the National Library is also and a city attraction, as the area in front of it is used for concerts and public events. The building is located in a park near the riverfront and has observation platform, which offers views of the capital Minsk.

The building is the main cultural and information center of the country. National Library’s collection includes more than 8mln titles of various media types. In 1993 began the creation of own electronic information resources. The spectrum of databases is wide – Social and Human Sciences, history, art and culture of Belarus. The library also provides access to databases of other libraries and academic institutions, including foreign sources.

Every day the library is visited by approximately 2,200 people, its members are nearly 90,000 people.



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