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Renault Eclipse designed by Narayan Subramaniam

December 3, 2012

This is a battery-powered vehicle carrying a single Lithium Ion Battery, designed by Narayan Subramaniam. The paper thin battery is shelved in the body itself to give that sleek look. It has a low ground clearance, but due to superior traction mechanism and suspension, it has a superior steering and stability. It also has a wind turbine slots to use the wind energy at higher speeds for an additional charging.

Renault Eclipse is a concept vehicle that mixes the thrill of a bike with stability of a car. Its three tired design provides good aerodynamic to give the least possible resistance and have a superior performance. The design is inspired by some natural elements. The broader frame work is based shape of solar eclipse or a moon crescent. The seating arrangements for driver and passenger are designed in shape of a cocoon similar to the shape of a silk moth. The unique from suspension based on front two wheels give better stability and tilt control to the bike. The vehicle has an automated option for tilt control, which improves the driving process. Driver seating has been designed as in a car with reclining seat and passenger seating is as in a bike. The open nature of Renault Eclipse allows the rider to have that cabriolet experience, but here comes one very “interesting” question: What shall we do when the winter comes and the snow starts to fall?

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