Rimac Concept One

August 18, 2012
Concept One is a supercar developed by Croatian engineers from Rimac Automobili. Their goal was to create whole new electric supercar and it looks like they succeeded. Each wheel has separate electric motor that produces a little more than 250hp which means that the total power is 1088hp for the whole car. The Croatian inventors point about some advantages of their system: “The ability of controlling each wheel separately, hundreds of times per second, in both directions is a huge advantage compared to traditional sport cars. An electric motor does not know the words “lag”, or “time to change gears.” Obviously, this car doesn’t need any clutches and the traditional gears. However, the vehicle is supplied with two reduction gearboxes, one for each pair of wheels, thus dividing the powertrain into front and rear sub-system.
Here is some technical data: 1950 kg own weight, acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.8sec. The cockpit is fully made of carbon fibers with aluminum uprights and wishbones. Batteries are with Lithium-Iron-Phosphate chemical composition and provide realistic range of 500km with the probability to reach 600km. And something that perhaps had to be in the first place – the price is $980 000. 
Since its debut at Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13th, 2011, Concept One is getting more and more popular and gives real competition to the big names in this area.


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