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The Chopi Chopi megayacht is a luxury floating mansion on the ocean

The Chopi Chopi from CRN shipyard is a luxury megayacht that was recently shown off at the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show and it has stunning proportions that are more in common with those of a mansion than a typical superyacht. [Image Courtesy of CRN Shipyard] The megayacht is 80 meters in length and it is among the biggest megayachts of its type designed by Laura Sessa, Paola Zuccon and Giovanni. The yacht cost US$110 million to build and more than 660,000 hours before it was completed, the displacement hull is made from steel and aluminium. [Image Courtesy of CRN Shipyard] […]

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Useful apps that engineers must have

Smartphones and their app stores have undoubtedly changed the world and have made day to day tasks a lot easier. Today we are going to list some useful apps that engineers must have. Whether you need to quickly browse and edit some CAD data or need some formulas at hand, be sure you are ready for everything with your smartphone. SketchBook Mobile Android iTunes Engineers constantly need a place to jot down ideas or make some design sketches. You never know when that genius idea or solution may come to your mind but you’re going to need a canvas to put […]

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How Does It Work? Industrial Processes Shown In Awesome Animations

We’re sure you’ll love this collection of looping GIFs showing some of the processes found in manufacturing technology and other engineering feats. Enjoy: Ice cream Sandwiches: Making Springs: Sharpening Pencils: Mold formation: Bread dough: Drilling holes in metal: Making Trombones: Making CDs: Popcorn popping: Fences: Shaping Iron: Making Gloves: Making a hot dog: The making of a dart: A knuckleball in slow motion: Working of Keys: Radial Engines: Steam engine Principle: Sewing Machine: Maltese Cross Mechanism: Manual Transmission Mechanism: Constant Velocity Joint: Torpedo-Boat destroyer System: Rotary Engine:

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Engineering examples to restore faith in humanity

[Courtesy of Image: Facebook] While animals can’t speak they often actually teach us a lot, we now show you engineering examples to restore faith in humanity by way of humans helping animals. The thirteen animals below were stricken with tragedy but with help from their owners they have been able to overcome things and have gone on to live happy and enjoyable lives. They can inspire us to overcome whatever difficulties we have to face in life thanks to a little engineering ingenuity. [Courtesy of Image: Facebook] Chris P. Bacon is a little piglet that was born without hind legs. […]

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Top 10 Engineering Projects in the World

10. International Space station. This is the largest masterpiece of the human engineering in orbit around Earth at present. The station consists mainly of habitable and science modules, external trusses and solar panels to provide power. The International Space Station leads its origin from merging of two former space stations – the Russian Mir-2 and the American Freedom. ISS is expanding continuously by adding new modules and it is sometimes visible even with naked eye. 9. Three Gorges Dam. It is a giant wall that cuts the Yangtze River near the town of Sandouping, Hubei province, China. At the moment […]

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Construction of an Incredible Underground Hotel in Songjiang Begins

A couple years ago, a British engineering firm Atkins proposed an extravagant design for a five-star hotel located deep within a 100-meter, abandoned and half flooded pit near the base of Tianmashan Mountain in the Songjiang District of Shanghai. Construction on the 19-story, 380-room Shimao Intercontinental Hotel finally is already underway. A few years ago, British engineering firm Atkins won the rights to design an extravagant hotel deep within a 100-metre pit in Shanghai’s Songjiang District near the base of Tianmashan Mountain. Construction on the Intercontinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland finally commenced last month, and the hotel is scheduled to open […]