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Inside the Ferrari Factory: the mechanical workshop

Every Ferrari is a hand-finished piece of engineering art and all of which are built exclusively on the Maranello campus. All the vehicles are custom produced and as all installations are performed by hand the factory turns out 10 to 12 completed cars per day. The Ferrari factory was designed by french architect jean nouvel and renovated to match the improvements in technology circa 1997 by company president Luca di Montezemolo. The images below give an inside look of the ‘nuova meccanica’ (mechanical workshop) building, where engine components such as headshafts and cranks are produced. Opened in 2001 the 15,000 square meter […]

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Largest spiral escalator ever built reaching seven storeys

If there’s one thing that annoys me with shopping malls it’s when you go up the escalator only to have to walk all the way back around to go up another floor. It’s a tactic used to encourage shoppers to enter more shops than they normally would and also means that shops get more attention. This spiral escalator however looks right up my street. Recently opened in a shopping mall in Shanghai it stretches seven storeys making it the world’s largest spiral escalator. Original design vector of the proposal (Courtesy of Mitsubishi Electric) It was developed by Japanese firm Mitsubishi Electric who have […]

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New robotic arm can re-create itself

Universal Robots have created a new robotic arm that can create parts for itself. It can even build a copy of itself. Known as the UR3 it is both smaller and lighter than its predecessors and has also gone through a little more training. The six-axis articulated arm can be programmed to do numerous tasks including pick-and-place, screwing, soldering, gluing, and painting. However, the programming is a little easier than traditional robotic arms as it has been designed to be able to ‘feel’ its way around a surface so that it doesn’t have to be based around a specific part in a […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

World’s smallest working power drill created with 3D printer

The world’s smallest working power drill has been created by a man in New Zealand but don’t expect the drill to make a hole in anything other than a layer of skin or tissue paper. Lance Abernethy made the drill using his 3D printer. [Image Courtesy of Lance Abernethy] He started by using his computer to create a model of the small drill with software called Onshape 3D. He designed the small drill based on his own full sized power drill, using it as reference. Then he went ahead and printed out the drill in two halves and then printed […]

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Ringtool multi-tool is simple yet hugely useful

The Ringtool by Brooklyn based Reductivist is a simple yet genius multi-tool device that was designed for cyclists but its uses extend far beyond bike maintenance. It’s a super compact addition to your keyring that packs a load of useful tools. “Do more. Carry less. Ringtool was conceived as an ultra-light solution for cyclist commuters, but its applications extend far beyond the biking community,” states the company’s website. It packs an all-important bottle opener; Phillips and flathead screwdrivers; hex heads in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm; a T25 Torx head; and two spoke wrenches. It can even be used as an emergency drill […]

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Awesome shotgun cutaway shows inner workings perfectly

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a shotgun looks like? Not many of us have one lying around to take apart and have a proper look but Larry Potterfield, the CEO of Midway USA, has made a video using a shotgun cutaway that demonstrates the inner workings perfectly. For the video Potterfield uses a Winchester Model 12 and with over 2 millions models produced before its end of production in 1980 it’s one of the most popular pump action shotguns. It’s first production started all the way back in 1912. The 12-gauge pump action rifle saw use both in the […]