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Energy From Ocean Waves: Current State and Perspectives

The ocean wave power is one of the most underestimated energy sources nowadays. It has the advantage of being more predictable than winds and could be used 24 hours a day, which could not be said for the solar energy harvesting. There are several projects around the world regarding wave energy, but the potential of this phenomenon is neglected at all. It is calculated that the current technology could provide between 140 and 750 TWh per year worldwide. The most proper waves for energy harvesting have latitude angle between 40 and 60 degrees. These waves are widely spread around the […]

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Pelamis Wave Power

This is one of the first facilities that convert effectively the power of the sea waves into electric power. The device looks like a giant centipede floating on the water surface, and the more interesting here is that the project is already finished and running – first orders for the product came from E.ON and Scottish Power Renewables. Pelamis usually operates 2-10km away from the shore and generates power of 750 kW, which is enough to supply with electricity 500 households. The Pelamis device is built up from five tubular segments connected by specific joints which allow movements in two […]