Posted by Allison Blackburn

10TB SSD available cheaper thanks to NAND technology

You will soon be able to put huge amounts of memory into your computer thanks to NAND technology developed by Intel and Toshiba. The companies have revealed 3D NAND memory chips which are stacked in layers, which mean they can hold more data than the chips with single planes that are out now. [Image Courtesy of Engadget] Toshiba have revealed that they are working on the first 48 layer NAND chip in the world with a 16GB chip that boosts reliability and speed. At the moment they are giving engineering samples to manufacturers but the general public will have to […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Smart Safe Won’t Open Until You’ve Reached Your Goal

Have you ever thought of having an electronic device that rewards you for meeting the goals you set? The kSafe is your new go to personal trainer. It’s a smart safe that only opens when the selected tasks are successfully carried through. The idea behind it is not to make you feel like a trained dog but to help keep you on track in order to achieve your goals, like following a diet, for example. The project is currently seeking crowd funding on Kickstarter. Developed by a startup company in California, the safe is the perfect size to hold many different objects. If you’re a fan […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Google Chromebit HDMI dongle turns any screen into a PC

The Google Chromebit is a HDMI stick that can turn any screen (with HDMI input of course) into your personal computer. It’s manufactured by Asus, runs the Chrome OS and can connect wirelessly with a mouse and keyboard over Bluetooth. We guess you’d be able to use your smartphone as a controller too. Personally I think devices like this have been a long time coming especially with tiny computers like the Rasberry Pi launching back in early 2012. It’s also worth mentioning that Google is not the first foot in the door; we recently featured the Intel Compute HDMI stick that packs […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Pebble Time reclaims the Kickstarter record for smart watch pioneers

We recently wrote about the start of the new Pebble campaign for their new Time offering which smashed the record for raising the quickest $1 million (49 minutes) which was previously held by Android-based game console Ouya (2 days and 19 hours). With the campaign now finished they’ve gone on and reclaimed the top spot as most funded project. 78,471 backers pledged over $20.3 million to knock the Coolest beer cooler of the throne by $10 million. But the cooler didn’t even last a year after taking the title from Pebble’s original campaign back in 2012 which raised $10.3 million.  The Pebble team were the pioneers of the smart […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Switchmate makes ordinary light switches smart

Lighting in the home is becoming much smarter as now you can turn the lights on and off or dim them by using your smartphone. Lights can even be set to turn on ready for when you get home. But these systems can often be a little over budget for most. Now, Switchmate is offering people the option to enjoy these functions without even having to put in new fittings or wiring. [Image Courtesy of Switchmate] The founder of Switchmate said that smart products are designed to make lives much easier but sometimes setting them up is very complicated. Another issue […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Can humans and robots work side by side in harmony?

Back in 1961 when the workers at the General Motors factory Ewing Township walked into the workplace and came face to face with a robotic arm that had been installed, little did they know that what they were looking at would be the future for workplaces and would become the norm. But can humans and robots work side by side in harmony? [Image Courtesy of Google Search/] Industrial robots were installed not to take the place of human workers but to carry out jobs that were dangerous, such as transportation of die casting off the assembly line and then welding […]