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Switchmate makes ordinary light switches smart

Lighting in the home is becoming much smarter as now you can turn the lights on and off or dim them by using your smartphone. Lights can even be set to turn on ready for when you get home. But these systems can often be a little over budget for most. Now, Switchmate is offering people the option to enjoy these functions without even having to put in new fittings or wiring. [Image Courtesy of Switchmate] The founder of Switchmate said that smart products are designed to make lives much easier but sometimes setting them up is very complicated. Another issue […]

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Can humans and robots work side by side in harmony?

Back in 1961 when the workers at the General Motors factory Ewing Township walked into the workplace and came face to face with a robotic arm that had been installed, little did they know that what they were looking at would be the future for workplaces and would become the norm. But can humans and robots work side by side in harmony? [Image Courtesy of Google Search/] Industrial robots were installed not to take the place of human workers but to carry out jobs that were dangerous, such as transportation of die casting off the assembly line and then welding […]

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14 devices to help make your home smart

As technology develops, quality of life increases. The automation of mundane tasks and the ease of performing others allows more time for leisure. So, with all this technology available we present 14 devices that can help make your home smart, so you can let it do the work for you. 1 Honeywell Voice Thermostat [Image Courtesy of Honeywell] The Honeywell Voice Thermostat is the first that can hear you say hello to it and all you have to do is tell it you are too cold or too warm and it will adjust the heating for you. You can put […]

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Hybrid power helps drones fly longer

Drones have come into their own in the last couple of years and now instead of being just a plaything they are being used for many purposes including deliveries – DHL, Google and Amazon have all been working on their own versions of drones to deliver packages right to the doorstep of the customer. However, the downside to drones is that they cannot carry anything heavier than a book for more than a few kilometres without running out of battery. This could be a thing of the past though as Top Flight Technologies are working on a hybrid gas-electric drone. [Image […]

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Anti-smelly wearable device technology patented by Google

Google is well-known when it comes to the search engine and its technology endeavors, including wearables, phones and head mounted cameras. Now it seems that they are heading in the direction of nasal based reality augmentation after issuing a patent for a wearable device that can be put on clothing to help improve odors coming from the person wearing the tech. [Image Courtesy of Google] Google issued the patent that was described as an “odor removing device” along with also being classed as a “fragrance emission device”. It has been said that the technology can detect any foul smells, presumably body odor, and […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Finger mounted device turns any book into an audio book

Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory have shown off a prototype of a finger mounted device that can turn any book into an audio book. And not just books, any old text will do. The ring device features a built-in camera to pick up the text which is then converted to audio using optical character recognition (ocr) and text-to-audio software. The new device offers great hope for the visually impaired to be able to pick up their favourite book or the newspaper again. “You really need to have a tight coupling between what the person hears and where the fingertip is,” […]