Posted by Alyn Wallace

Pebble Time brings colour to smartwatch pioneers

The guys from Pebble are back with a new trick up their sleeve. The new Pebble Time is set to bring colour to the smartwatch pioneers that smashed Kickstarter records and they’ve done it again; raising $1 million in funding in just 49 minutes (previously held by Android-based game console Ouya, which raised $1 million in 2 days and 19 hours). Ok, so colour-screened smartwatches are nothing new but what sets the Pebble Time apart from others is that they are still using an E-Ink display. It may only be able to display 64 colours compared to the millions of […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Racing Simulator or Corvette? The price is the same

When you hear of racing games or racing simulators you’d likely think of console games, like the off-road arcade-style action of Forza Horizon 2 or the realistic simulation in Gran Turismo. The next step up would be something like iRacing, a favorite of pros like Dale Earnhardt, Jr., where users can tack on real wheels, pedals, and seats. But if you really want to take it to the hardcore, you need to check out the Motion Pro II from CXC Simulations. [Image Courtesy of CXC Simulations] The Motion Pro II is built on top of iRacing’s platform and features a seat, pedals, steering wheel and even […]

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SYMLIS Sparrow flash drive offers extra functionality

It’s fairly common to see a flash drive on someone’s key-chain these days. With memory prices dropping massively over the last decade having a few GB constantly at hand has become quite a wise decision given the low cost. But they’ve largely remained just that; memory sticks. And that’s what the SYMLIS Sparrow flash drive is looking to change with extra functionality built in. The Sparrow not only offers storage space (choices of 16, 32 and 64 GB) but you can also use it to charge your device and transfer files. It’s no news that smartphone batteries just haven’t kept up […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Michael Jordan Basketball Simulator offers immersive experience

The Last Shot is a Michael Jordan Basketball Simulator that offers players an immersive experience that is unlike anything that they have ever experienced before. [Image Courtesy of Tim Moynihan] When you go inside the Last Shot you are stepping into something that would look right at home in Star Trek as it is reminiscent of the Holodeck. The surroundings are transformed around you and walls that are white when you enter the room come to life by way of a very realistic looking crowd on the huge LED displays. [Image Courtesy of Tim Moynihan] The floor under your feet […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

New LG luxury smartwatch to be unveiled at MWC 2015

LG will be rolling up their sleeves at the Mobile World Congress 2015 event to show off a new luxury smartwatch. The event is to take place in Barcelona, Spain, in less than two weeks time where LG will unveil what they say isn’t technically a sequel to the G Watch and G Watch R, but will “complement” its existing Android Wear offferings. [Image Courtesy of LG Electronics] “The LG Watch Urbane’s classic design and smart features make it the perfect smartwatch to complement our G Watch and G Watch R, which were designed as more casual and active devices,” said […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Drone waiters ready to serve in Singapore

We’ve seen drones taking on a wide range of uses and jobs. They’re pretty good at getting footage otherwise not possible and could even save your life, but these drone waiters are now looking to take over another human job. A new restaurant in Singapore has largely replaced human waiters with drones that can fly your food and drinks straight to you. [Image Courtesy of Timbre/Infinium Robotics] Singaporean restaurant-bar chain Timbré teamed up with robotics company Infinium Robotics to develop the overhead waiters. The current design of the aerial drone waiters allow them to carry up to 2kg (4.4 pounds) of food and drinks in a […]