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Apple 1 computer fetches US$905,000 at Bonhams

An Apple 1 computer was recently put up for auction at Bonhams auction house and it stole the show to become the most expensive Apple computer to have ever been sold with the hammer being struck at US$905,000. [Image Courtesy of Bonhams] Apple made just 200 of their Apple 1 computers and these were the first ever personal computers from Apple to make their way onto the market. The computer comprised of a vintage keyboard along with a Sanyo monitor. The recently sold computer was one of the first 50 made and today is among the handful that are actually working. […]

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Hendo Hoverboards will have you floating on air

Since 1989, anyone who watched Back to the Future II has waited for the hoverboard that Marty McFly rode. Despite the eager wait, I’m sure most of us didn’t expect anything in the near future. Now husband and wife team, Greg and Jill Henderson, might be set to change that with the first real hoverboard in the world, along with a developer kit for the technology behind it. [Image Courtesy of Hendo Hoverboards] Their company have developed a working prototype “Hendo Hoverboard” that floats about 1 inch off the ground and they have launched the project on Kickstarter to get a boost on getting the […]

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Air Umbrella: may the force be with you when it rains

An umbrella is a great thing to have when it is raining as of course it helps to keep you dry. However, when it stops raining you have a soggy wet umbrella that you have to carry around with you. This could be a thing of the past though thanks to the Air Umbrella. This is a product that has been developed in China and it doesn’t use fabric to keep you dry, but forced air. [Image Courtesy of Air Umbrella] The forced air creates a canopy over you in much the same way that a traditional fabric umbrella does, […]

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Football pitch lights powered by footballers thanks to Pavegen

UK company Pavegen installed their first order three years ago and their tiles make use of the kinetic energy generated by pedestrians. Since that first installation they have gone on to install their tiles in schools and at the Paris Marathon. Now. the company have teamed up with Shell on one of their biggest projects to date. They have helped rejuvenate a run-down community football field in Rio de Janerio by setting up its own off grid power supply which will benefit the entire community. [Image Courtesy of Pavegen] The project is one part of the “Make the Future” program of Shell […]

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Earity are the wireless earbuds with voice control

Headphones are a great way to listen to music on the go but let’s face it, the cords that come with them are nothing but a pain. They get tangled up just looking at them and then they have the ability to catch on to just about any object getting pulled from the ears. Of course there are wireless headphones and these don’t have the hassles associated with the wired ones. Soon there will be another type to choose from, Earity, earbuds that will respond to your voice. [Image Courtesy of Earity] Maksym Vysochaskiy, the CEO and founder of Earity, said that […]

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The LG Pocket Printer Makes Prints on the Go

Take any SmartPhone image and create a wallet size picture in a mere second with the LG Pocket Printer. This little gadget fits in the palm of your hand and can easily be transported in any pocket. You can be printer ready at any moment; in the office, at school or on the street. [Photo Credit] This printer is better than your average printer for more reasons than just it’s small size. There are several SmartPhone apps that can be used with the printer to create fun and unique printed images. Combining SmartPhone apps with the LG Pocket Printer allows […]