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World’s Most Efficient Solar Energy System Is Based On 19th-Century Technology

A Swedish company is claiming to have exceeded the boundaries of solar energy production efficiency. And in order to achieve this, the research team used a technology developed in the 19th-century. The original idea started by Robert Stirling in 1816, uses an alternation of heating and cooling a closed volume of gas in order to move a piston, able to generate energy. The project is being implemented with several 12-meter-diameter mirror dishes on the Kalahari desert in Africa. The company, Ripasso Energy managed to convert 32% of the sun’s energy to grid-ready electricity. Ripasso’s parabolic dishes rotate slowly throughout the day to make better […]

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The Lily Camera Drone Follows You Around To Capture Your Best Moments

Drones can be very useful at taking pictures in the best possible angles, but are not quite practical to handle and control. The Lily Camera drone is a big hit because it can fly itself so you don’t need to control. That’s right, to get it started simply “throw it” in the air and it follows you around like paparazzi capturing your best moments. The Lily Camera drone was created by a couple of recent Berkeley graduates. It is capable of recording high-definition 1080p videos or 720p up to 120 frames per second, and it also takes 12 megapixel photographs. This camera drone goes to a whole new level thanks […]

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Four Bikes You Have to See !

1.Rocket II – this is a bike on three wheels however, this type of vehicles are now called “trikes”. It was built by “The Frogman”, Tim Cotterill. He used the legendary V8 Hemi engine for power source. And it gives a lot of power to the rear wheels – 1000 hp (yes, a thousand horsepower) considering that the engine is supercharged.via:coolmaterial 2.Kawasaki 48 cylinder – practically this is 6 engines with 8 cylinders each gathered in one. Each engine has its own crankshaft and all are tied together with gears. To start all this machinery the driver uses smaller pony […]

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New Gadget Upgrades Your Store Bought Beer to Draft Quality

Those who enjoy a good beer will love the Fizzics, a device that promises to improve the quality of any store brand beer in a simple and effective way. It may not look it, but beer is a delicate drink and the simple fact of being served correctly can greatly improve its taste and the same goes the other way around; if recklessly poured, a great beer could be completely ruined. In terms of appearance, Fizzics resembles a peculiar mix between a coffee machine and a kegerator. To use it, simply open the upper compartment and insert a full beer bottle or can. […]

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CarVi offers safety features of new cars to any car

Car safety has come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years but technology such as lane change assistance and collision warnings are only found in new cars. Unfortunately, if you have a car that is over a few years old you don’t have access to any of the latest tech. Well actually now you do as CarVi aims to bring that new technology to older cars. [Image Courtesy of CarVi] CarVi is a project currently raising funds for production and it comes in the form of a black disc that you can fit to any car […]

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Google’s satellite imagery may soon be able to see your face

Vice are reporting that after “much lobbying” by satellite company DigitalGlobe, the US government has relaxed restrictions on the resolution of satellite imagery. Previously, the law allowed for a 50 cm resolution but this has now been doubled in detail to 25cm, meaning Google’s satellite imagery will be able to detect your face. [Image Courtesy of DigitalGlobe] Jeffrey Tarr, Digital Globe’s chief executive, said: “We are very pleased and appreciative that the US Department of Commerce has made this forward-leaning change to our nation’s policy that will fuel innovation, create new high-tech jobs, and advance the nation’s commanding lead in […]