Posted by Allison Blackburn

CarVi offers safety features of new cars to any car

Car safety has come along in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years but technology such as lane change assistance and collision warnings are only found in new cars. Unfortunately, if you have a car that is over a few years old you don’t have access to any of the latest tech. Well actually now you do as CarVi aims to bring that new technology to older cars. [Image Courtesy of CarVi] CarVi is a project currently raising funds for production and it comes in the form of a black disc that you can fit to any car […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Google’s satellite imagery may soon be able to see your face

Vice are reporting that after “much lobbying” by satellite company DigitalGlobe, the US government has relaxed restrictions on the resolution of satellite imagery. Previously, the law allowed for a 50 cm resolution but this has now been doubled in detail to 25cm, meaning Google’s satellite imagery will be able to detect your face. [Image Courtesy of DigitalGlobe] Jeffrey Tarr, Digital Globe’s chief executive, said: “We are very pleased and appreciative that the US Department of Commerce has made this forward-leaning change to our nation’s policy that will fuel innovation, create new high-tech jobs, and advance the nation’s commanding lead in […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Unlock Your Phone In No Time with Motorola’s New Digital Tattoo

Despite the fact the it only takes 2,3 seconds to unlock your phone, companies are always looking for a faster and safer way to do it. We’ve been through pin code, pattern lock, face detection and fingerprint scanner. Now it’s time for Motorola’s Digital Tattoo. The product, initially aimed for Moto X users is a temporary sticker for the skin, which may be removed at any time. When you tap your cell on the sticker, the mobile screen is unlocked automatically – not requiring any pins or paterns. [Image Courtesy of Motorola] The idea was announced last year at the […]

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The Coolest Computers in the World

Are looks really important or is what’s inside that really counts? According to these computer owners, looks are everything! Most people never bother customizing their PC, but what these guys have done to their computers is nothing short of real master pieces. Here is some of the coolest computers around:  

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13-Year-Old Designs His own Google Glass

13-year-old Clay Haight just created his own Google Glass. Using an Arduino platform, designed to build electronic prototypes, the boy put together a 3D printed frame, LCD screen and a bit of yarn, creating his own smart pair of smart glasses. [Image Source Makezine] The boy was bit by the engineering bug and took interest in creating and building things at a very early age. When he was just eight years old his grandfather gave him a book explaining how things are made and how to fix appliances. Since then he has experimented with electronics, robots and other do-it-yourself projects. […]

Posted by Justin Flett

Jimmy: The 21st Century 3-D printable Robot

Intel is currently in the process of developing and launching a relatively simple DIY humanoid robotics kit known as Jimmy The 21st Century Robot. Jimmy is a 3D-printable robot kit that can be customized in both appearance and functionality. The kit will include all necessary parts including servo motors, batteries, and other internal components that cannot be 3D-printed, however the exoskeleton can be designed and 3D-printed to have its own unique appearance. Intel states that the total kit should cost about $1,500 and aims to be released in September. [Image Courtesy of Canoe] The $1,500 price tag is considered to […]