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Posted by Allison Blackburn

InkCase + provides owners of Android phones with an E Ink display

Los Angeles based Oaxishave have developed a Kickstarter project called the InkCase+ which acts as a second display for Android OS devices. The technology provides the phone with an extra electronic ink for the display, which helps to extend battery life. [Image Courtesy of Oaxis] The InkCase+ will arrive in October if all goes to plan and the display of 3.5 inches fits inside a case that has Bluetooth capability. It will come with dedicated apps and runs on a battery of 500mAh, which the company says will provide 19 hours of reading time on just a single charge. [Image Courtesy [...]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Could lasers be the technology to save cinemas from recent decline

Although new films still seem to be breaking box office records and reaping in huge sums of money, there’s no denying that more people are turning to watching movies on their tablets, laptops and other devices rather than making the effort to get out into the cinema. Most homes in developed countries are now equipped with large flat screen TVs and a decent surround sound system and with content so easily and readily available on the internet, a trip to the cinema is becoming an increasingly rare event. [Image Courtesy of WikiCommons] The motion-picture industry is fully aware of this [...]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Top 10 Apps For Savvy Travelers

Planning a trip can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful, not to mention we often end up caving in to paying huge amounts on touristic rip-offs rather than spend all our time researching for the best options around. With that in mind, from thousands of apps available on virtual shelves, we selected the top 10, among the most useful, innovative – or just simply fun- for you to download before hitting the road. Image source: Google MTRIP Some people love to travel to visit museums and historical sites, other to explore the nightlife and gastronomic attractions. Some people even like to [...]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

JIBO is the first family friendly robot

JIBO is said to be the first family friendly robot and it looks like a cross between the Apple iMac G4 and the Luxo Jr lamp from Pixar. The robot is an interactive electronic friend which has been specifically designed to engage with people in an almost human like way. It can undertake various roles in the home, including being a companion at bedtime for children (as it can read stories), remind you of upcoming events, control the household environment, deliver mail and also be a security camera. [Image Courtesy of MyJibo] Jibo has internet connectivity and has sound effects [...]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Communicate Without Any Phone Service With The GoTenna

Being so dependent on wireless connectivity has caused us to feel helpless or useless in situations where we do not have cellphone network coverage or internet access via Wi-Fi. Beyond comfort, sometimes having access to internet or phone service is downright necessary. That’s why Daniela and Jorge Perdomo decided to create GoTenna, a wireless communication system that generates its own low frequency network for communication between devices that use it. Image courtesy of GoTenna We often hear cases in which thousands of people remain cut off and stranded after a natural disaster. That’s the type of situation that inspired the [...]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

‘The Cloud’ delivers personal thunder and lightning as well as your favourite tunes

Some people consider thunder and lightning to be very soothing and love to fall asleep while listening to a recording of a thunderstorm. Now thanks to a designer from New Zealand by the name of Richard Clarkson, there is an interactive lamp called The Cloud, that resembles a real cloud and can deliver thunder and lightning in the safety of your own home, but it’s more than just a lamp. [Image Courtesy of RichardClarkson] This clever device runs on an Arduino microcontroller and The Cloud, which does look remarkably like a  real thundercloud, reacts to motion and changes colour and [...]