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Posted by Allison Blackburn

The SL-Tainer is the smart self-docking shipping container

All shipping containers are huge, bulky and heavy and require the use of a forklift truck and in some cases a crane to lift them and place them on flatbed trucks. This isn’t very efficient, but a new shipping container has been designed with the name of the SL-Tainer and it is able to prop itself up to the height of truck loading via integrated legs. [Image Courtesy of ExcaliburShelters] The SL-Tainer is made by Excalibur Systems and all that’s needed for the container to create ground clearance is a push of a button. This means a forklift truck or […]

Posted by Alan Adamu

Top 10 latest technological innovations

Human creativity is endless and technological innovations also seem endless. With this, we present to you the top 10 technological innovations nowadays. Wait for it! 10. The Square The Square is a credit card reader plugged to your phone. It is a simple and small accessory that is connected to your phone by placing it in the audio input jack. With the Square, payment is just a swipe away from your phone. 9. The Uno The Uno was invented by the 19-year old Poss Gulak. It is a motorcycle with only one tyre. It uses gyro technology to keep its balance. It […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Sliden`Joy adds two more displays to your laptop

Many users of desktop computers have two or even three monitors on their desk to provide them with plenty of real estate but laptop users are generally stuck with the single display. However, the Sliden`Joy could change this and a designer from Belgium has put it on Kickstarter seeking funds. The device adds on one or two HD displays that are light and thin, in sizes of 13, 15 and 17 inches. This means you can take additional displays wherever you go. [Image Courtesy of Slidenjoy] The displays are available for both the PC and Mac and the displays are […]

Posted by Alan Adamu

Man tests number of iPhones needed to stop an AK-74 bullet

The iPhone is a brilliant piece of innovation. The design and user friendliness of the iPhone ensure that consumers remain ever loyal to the brand. One other feature of the iPhone that is very popular with consumers is the iPhone’s rigidity. The iPhone could fall a countless number of times and still maintain its physical appearance. But can the iPhone withstand an AK-74 bullet? A Youtube Channel, EverythingApplePro, decided to put the iPhone’s robustness to test. They lined up six iPhones and had an AK-74 loaded up. Their plan was to shoot an AK-74 bullet at the 6 iPhones and see […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Parrot’s new Hydrofoil drone takes to water like a duck

One company that is well-known for its drones is Parrot and now they have designed one that takes to water like a duck. The French company has designed numerous drones that do acrobatics, roll, jump and fly but now they have set their sights on one that goes on water. They are launching the Minidrone Hydrofoil next month. [Image Courtesy of Parrot] The Minidrone Hydrofoil will feature two separate components, the unpowered hydrofoil body and the Parrot aerial Minidrone, this can be attached to the deck via a hinged mount. Once the craft is powered up it doesn’t go up […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

Control what you hear and how you hear it with Here Active Listening

Ever get tired of disturbing background noise that won’t let you focus or relax? What if you could not only cancel out all that noise but also control exactly what types of sounds you want to listen to or not? Here Active Listening is a gadget created by Doppler Labs that promises to give you control of what you hear and how you hear it. “We have things to enhance every part of our lives, but when it comes to our ears, we’re told to just deal with it,” said Doppler Labs CEO and co-founder Noah Kraft. “We believe at Doppler that your listening experience can be […]