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Posted by Lara Lopes

Eco-Friendly Camp Stove That Charges Your Electronic Devices

If you enjoy camping then you definitely know how difficult it is to make a fire or even carry small gas canisters so you can cook your food. With that in mind, BioLite have just launched a camping stove with an innovative differential; it’s fueled by firewood. The appeal of the new product however is not only that: it still gives you power to charge small electronics and gadgets such as a cellphone, MP3 player, GPS and others, while preparing your food at camp! The company says that the invention doesn’t allow the fire to spread, in the way a […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

F1 tech coming to high street buses

F1 fans will certainly be aware of the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) technology developed by Williams Hybrid Power, a division of the company that owns the Williams Formula 1 team. The technology recovers kinetic energy from the vehicle while under braking and stores it for use later such as acceleration boosts. Soon, we should see the technology making city buses more efficient. Williams sold the technology in April to GKN, a British automotive and aerospace conglomerate. Now a 55 man team (including the original team behind the tech from Williams) are working on commercialising the system for use in city […]

Posted by Lara Lopes

DrinkPure Can Turn Contaminated Water Into Drinking Water Anywhere

The idea is simple and innovative: a filter that can be attached to any plastic bottle and turns contaminated water into drinking water in a matter of seconds. The Swiss student Jeremy Nussbaumer is responsible for the invention, called DrinkPure. It’s ideal not only for travelers, hikers and campers, but the main goal of this project is to help supply drinking water to populations in remote areas. Filters based on activated carbon already exist in countless different models and prices to provide drinking water. With this new product, the tendency to reduce the waste will only increase. Made from recycled material, […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

3D printed face implant gets the go ahead

The OsteoFab Patient-Specific Facial Device from Oxford Performance Materials is a fully customisable face implant that can be used for facial reconstruction thanks to 3D printing. Traditional engineering methods put many restrictions and limits on designers but 3D printing allows for incredibly ease of really complex shapes and parts. It’s this ability that allows the face implant to be easily customised depending on the patient and their condition. There are no limitations from the patients anatomy and the method massively reduces costs from what would be an expensive and complex surgical procedure. [Image Courtesy of Oxford Performance Materials]  Now, the technology has […]

Posted by Allison Blackburn

Vessyl is the 21st century smart mug

When you look at the Vessyl you may think that it is just a vase but it’s actually a 21st century mug – and it certainly isn’t any ordinary mug. This is a smart mug that can tell you what type of liquid is inside it, how much sugar the drink contains, how many calories it has, fat, protein and even the amount of fat in it. It also tells you the exact name of the beverage and then sends the data to your smartphone. [Image Courtesy of Vessyl] The Vessyl is able to work with an app for Android and […]

Posted by Alyn Wallace

Stunning images of astronaut deploying nanosatellite into space

Flight Engineers Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev from Russia completed a 5 hour and 11 minute spacewalk on Monday and part of the excursion was manually putting a nanosatellite dubbed Chasqui 1 into orbit – and it was all captured in stunning images. ‘Shortly after the spacewalk began at 10:02 a.m., Artemyev manually deployed Chasqui 1, a Peruvian nanosatellite designed to take pictures of the Earth with a pair of cameras and transmit the images to a ground station’ reports a NASA statement. It will serve as part of a research project at the National University of Engineering in Peru which is looking into […]