Top 5 Best 3D Printers You Can Buy Right Now

February 17, 2017

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The 3D printer market can be hard to navigate. Do you want something cheap and small or would you like to sell your used Acura to purchase a desktop printer? Instead of running all over the web trying to make up your mind, we put together our top 5 3D printers you can buy right now. Check them out!

5. Monoprice Mini

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To kick off our top 5 3D printers list, we bring you the Monoprice Mini. By no means is this printer the most accurate, nor does it have the best printing bed. What it does have is cost. This printer brings you a 4.7 x 4.7 x 4.7 inch heated print bed at only $199. At this price, virtually anyone can get into the 3D printing realm. If you’re nervous about cheaping out on a 3D printer, don’t be, I own the Monoprice myself. This printer takes 1.75mm filament and comes ready to print right out of the box. As long as you go into purchasing this printer not expecting ultimate precision and accuracy, you will enjoy the machine. At $200, you won’t feel bad about barely using your printer either. This printer is perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to casually get into the 3D printing realm.

4. FlashForge Creator Pro

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The FlashForge CreatorProhas a metal frame and a completely enclosed print bed. The system will auto-level the printing surface and it has a heated metal build plate. There are over 3000 reviews of this device rating it very well. For only $899, you get a bed area of 9 x 6 x 6 inches with a precision of 11 microns. At this price point and build size, there is plenty of competition so you will ultimately have to decide which printer to go for. However, this is by far one of the most highly rated printers on the market and it’s ready to go right out of the box.

3. CEL Robox

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With the CEL Robox, we start getting towards the pricier side of 3D printers. At $1499, it is a serious commitment buying this printer. It has a closed build chamber, heated print bed, and automatic bed leveling. It also features dual nozzles and a specialized extrusion system which is the main reason it lands on our top 5 3D printers list. Having dual nozzles on a printer is a huge perk and this is on the cheaper side of 3D printers that have this capability. Another key feature of this printer is its ability to take modular upgrades. This means as technology improves, you can easily upgrade your printer rather than buying a whole new one. With these huge perks in mind, if you have the money to spend, the CEL Robox is definitely worth the money.

2. Ultimaker 3

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The Ultimaker 3 is Ultimaker’s newest printer and the price certainly shows it. You can pick one up for $3495, but you are getting plenty for your money. It offers 12.5 micron XY precision and 2.5 micron Z precision. The biggest perk to this printer is the bed size. At 20 x 13 x 22 inches, you can print essentially anything you can imagine. You also get a glass print bed which will help with removing prints. At the price of a decent used car, you need to make sure that you do extensive research on this printer before you decide to buy. Most likely those who decide to buy this printer will be companies rather than individuals. There are better ways for hobbyists to spend more than 3 grand on a 3D printer. However, this is still our number 2 printer just because of the impressive specs that make it likely the best commercially available 3D printer on the market.

1. Formlabs Form 2

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The Formlabs Form 2 is the only Stereolithography (SLA) printer we have mentioned. This means that the printer works not by extrusion but rather by laser and resin hardening. The advantage here is extreme precision without some of the difficulties that naturally come with extrusion printers. The build volume 5.7 x 5.7 x 6.3 inches, bringing it in about middle of the line in terms of size. However, at $1790.50 and the fact that this is an SLA printer, it’s likely the best bang for your buck of all of the 3D printers out there. Do some research and see if SLA is exactly what you want to work with, but in most applications, this printer will shine.

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