This Year’s Award for the Best Pun Goes to the Incredible Google Gnome!

April 1, 2017

It’s no secret that Google employees live for April Fool’s Day each year. It seems like they continually reserve their cleverest puns and funniest ideas just for this one day. This year, they seem to have outdone themselves with the Google Gnome — the best pun we’ve seen today.

Google Gnome is the cynical outdoor helper you never knew you needed. The company clearly taps into what we were missing — a smart yard. While it’s very particular about what questions it answers, Gnome manages to give insight (albeit sassy insight) into your outdoor queries.


[Image Source: Google Store]

“Google Gnome is like having a tiny, little meteorologist at your beck and call,” the company said. “Ask Gnome all kinds of questions, like: “what’s the difference between cirrocumulus and cumulonimbus clouds”, “why is humidity the worst”, and, for windswept hair in summertime photo shoots, “which way is the wind blowing”?”

Ah, yes, those ever-important summertime photoshoots. You know us so well, Google.

It can also do our outdoor activities for us. It can take over backyard tools. Don’t want to deal with the pressure washer, leaf blower or lawnmower? Let Google Gnome take care of it!

“Google Gnome is designed to work hard and play hard, with entertainment for humans and dogs alike. It can play music in the garden, Marco Polo in the pool, and hide and seek in the yard. It can even play fetch by throwing squeaks thither and hither via 3-D sound, offering hours of fun in the sun.”

Gnome comes with several stylish add-ons, including Raign Gear and The Abominable Gnomeman:

 [Image Source: Google Store]

 [Image Source: Google Store]

And never forget its most important feature — advice giver and companion. It even gives a child insight into the real meaning of life.

“Really, we’re all compost if you think about it,” Google Gnome informs him. “Almost everything is made up of organic matter, and will return to organic matter.”

Google’s other prank this year includes a feature in Google Maps that allows users to play Ms. Pac-Man. Previously, the company advertised a data center on Mars. There was also Google Wind this year in the Netherlands.

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