TrakRok Concept!

September 15, 2012

When you hear a name like Alexei Mikhailov it probably reminds you about something in Eastern Europe and may be about already non-existent Soviet Union. But it is not the case – we are talking about industrial designer from Humber College in Quebec, Canada. He created very interesting all-road and all-terrain concept trike. His creature is powered by hydrogen fuel cells placed in the middle of the vehicle, right under the driver. Unlike the most ATV bikes, here the two front wheels are propelled by a single electric motor each and the rear track is powered by another one. This separate propelling (and suspension, practically) enables maximum traction in mud, snow, on rocky and rough terrain. The fuel cells cooling is liquid and is made by two big radiator intakes placed in the front of the machine. 

The inventor said that TrakRok would have wide application at military area, farming, sport leisure, constructions, off-road and many more. Well, I am skeptical about that – I think that it could be useful in rescue services and off-road sports, but it simply doesn’t look functional for farming to me.



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