Travel and Work in Style with This Incredibly Secure Smart Bag

July 12, 2017

One of our biggest priority in life is our career, and working in an engineering or scientific industry often require travel. Whether you’re an office-based or site-based worker, we sometimes find ourselves working on the go. And when packing to travel for business, we usually struggle with choosing which bag to take. It’s all about carrying important work tools like your laptop, documents, electronic devices, and more. Sometimes, you even find yourself shopping for a new bag just so it will be spacious, convenient to carry, suitable for the corporate look you want to pull off, sturdy enough to protect your precious devices, and secure enough so you won’t easily lose any of your valuables. And let’s admit it, it’s not a breeze trying to look for this kind of bag with all those features. That’s why we are introducing you to the Lifepack: The Hustle Collection by Solgaard Design.

Lifepack Hustle Collection by Solgaard Design

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

The Lifepack backpack and shoulder bag

Working is a lifestyle, especially when you love what you’re doing. If you’re one of those people who are constantly on the go or have to always take business trips then it may be worth investing in a Lifepack bag.

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

As mentioned, one of the most important features we look for in a bag is that it can protect our electronic devices like laptops and tablets. Solgaard Design’s Lifepack bags are designed with a super padded, drop-proof laptop storage and a waterproof exterior. For extra security, each Lifepack bags are equipped with a lockable hardware and an integrated 3-digit lock with a coil steel cable. By locking your bag to a fixed object, you can focus on working and not have to worry about the security of your belongings.

Lifepack Lock system

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

Of course, when you’re traveling and working, you have to bring other essentials like your passport, wallet, travel cards etc. The Lifepack bags are designed with various compartments and secret pockets to keep all your small valuables hidden only you know where.

Lifepack pocket compartments

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

Charge your devices on the go

After a whole morning of meetings and correspondence, you usually find your smartphone device running low on battery but there’s no time to plug up and charge. Solgaard Design has thought of that too. Each of their Lifepack bags comes with a solar power bank called the 2-in-1 Solarbank.

Lifepack Solarbank by Solgaard Design

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

The Solarbank is chargeable through solar energy or by electrical charging. The 10,000 mAh battery can simultaneously charge up two devices at once. Any USB-based devices can be powered up using Solgaard Design’s Solarbank. This portable renewable energy charger has its own customized space on the exterior of a Lifepack backpack or shoulder bag so it’s always exposed to the sun.

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

Stop wasting time and money buying a bag whenever you have to make those important business trips. Just invest in one bag that will last you for a long time and is, of course, suitable for your on the go nature.

[Image Source: Solgaard Design via Kickstarter]

The Lifepack Hustle collection is selling fast in Kickstarter and at the time of writing, more than 1,000 backers have already pledged for their Lifepack bag. A daily Hustle backpack is priced at $99 and a shoulder bag is sold for $119. Head over to Kickstarter now before the Lifepack bags sell out.

Sources: Solgaard Design, Lifepack: Hustle Collection via Kickstarter

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