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Tron Light Cycle

September 24, 2012

The “Parker Brothers Custom Choppers” created this real, street legal replica of the virtually created cycle from the Tron movie. Well, you won’t hear the thunder roar of conventional bikes like Honda Valkyrie or Harley Davidson and the reason is that the bike has electric propulsion system with lithium-ion batteries as a power source. The Light Cycle requires from rider to lie down almost horizontally along its black leather seat in order to drive it. The body of this replica is made of a steel frame which is covered by fiberglass protecting coat to recreate the shiny silhouette of its virtual ancestor. Electroluminescent strips are embedded in the wheels and the body, making the vehicle quite attractive especially in a night ride.


You should know that this isn’t fastest or top-accelerating vehicle in the world. Considering the price of 55 000$ you may prefer something with better performance for your money.


Parker Brothers Custom Choppers already work over a new, upgraded version of this bike, powered again by lithium batteries. It supposedly would be able to reach top speed of 100 mph (approximately 150 km/h). Its range would be nearly 100 miles with a single charge of 15-35 minutes.


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