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Microchip releases medicine in the body every day at the right time for many years

Microchips Biotech, an MIT spinoff company, has developed a microchip to be implanted in the body which can hold hundreds of medicine doses. The technology allows the controlled doses to always be released at the right time, preventing the patient from having any problems due to forgotten doses. The microdevice uses individual reservoirs covered with a metal membrane. Each of these reservoirs contains a dose of medicine. The membrane is removed with an electrical impulse and the drug is released in the body. The chip can be remotely programmed so the dose release time can be changed anytime by the doctor or […]

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Tour Triangle will be Paris’ first skyscraper since the 70’s

In the 70’s, after a bad experience with skyscrapers, the city of Paris banned the construction of buildings over seven stories high. But 42 years later, the French capital’s Councillors approved its first skyscraper: a triangular tower 180 meters high called Tour Triangle. The construction of the building, which will cost more than €500-million was approved last Tuesday, June 30. From certain angles it will look like a super tall and thin building, but from other angles it will be a huge pyramid that casts a wide shadow over the neighborhood. The skyscraper was designed by some of the best architects nowadays, Herzog & de Meuron […]

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Redesigned Bubble Wrap doesn’t pop!

It seems the Bubble Wrap popping days are close to an end. According to The Wall Street Journal, Sealed Air Corp., the original creator of the most entertaining packaging in the world, designed a new version of the product – the iBubble Wrap. And sadly, this new bubble wrap lost it’s pop! This is because the bubbles are interconnected, so when you press one of them, the air goes to the neighboring bubbles. Quite depressing. The new version was designed to save space and facilitate transportation to the costumers. That’s because the iBubble Wrap comes in flat plastic sheets that are only inflated when the […]

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Your childhood was a lie: Claw machines are rigged!

Remember those claw machines filled with plush toys that were very popular in the 90’s? Have you actually managed to ever score a prize? If not, just know that you were not alone. And the problem is not your lack of ability, those claw machines are actually rigged. All those coins you spent throughout your childhood in numerous attempts to beat the machine and manage to catch a stuffed animal were really not your fault. A recent research revealed that the mechanism of these machines can be manipulated to have a grip strong enough to “grab” the object only part of the time. The […]

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Bamboo taxis offer stylish rides in the Philippines

Motorcycles are one of the main modes of transport for getting around in the Philippines. However there is now some competition as the mayor showed off two taxis that have been made from bamboo. The mayor of Tabontabon, Rustico Balderian commissioned the bamboo taxis which have been made from 90% bamboo and run on coconut biodiesel. [Image Courtesy of Toti Eco] Bamboo is an environmentally friendly and renewable material and it didn’t need to undergo a great deal of processing to be able to incorporate it into the designs of the cars. What is great about the product is that […]

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China will use drones to catch cheaters taking the world’s most stressful exams

The Chinese city of Luoyang will use drones to patrol exam rooms in an attempt to prevent students from cheating. The new surveillance method started being used this weekend during the National College Entrance Exam. The exam, aka “the gaokao” is taken every year by up to 10 million students across the country and determines whether the student will have access to higher education and if so, to which universities they can attend. This exam become known as “the most stressful examination in the world”, and for obvious reasons since about a quarter of the students get cut off annually and can’t attend university. So Luoyang is now going […]