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Smart Car Seat Technology Can Detect A Drunk Driver

Researchers from Hiroshima University and the University of Tokyo, Japan, along with Delta Tooling, have developed a new smart car seat. This new technology can be installed in a car seat not only to detect if the driver is drunk or under the influence of other drugs, but also if they are getting drowsy behind the wheel. Image courtesy on Nikkei Technology This sensor can also be placed on a bed and warn if a patient’s pulse is irregular or if he or she is suffering a heart attack. According to the Nikkei Technology, a sensor with a built-in microphone […]

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Smart Valve Cap Sensors Can Alert Driver About Car Tire Pressure

Many drivers do not have the habit of frequently checking the car tire pressure, even though it’s a necessary caution. To make things easier for those forgetful drivers, a company from Malaysia developed a sensor that monitors this information. Salutica created Fobo Tire, a bluetooth capable valve cap with tiny sensors that continuously monitor the air pressure. Image courtesy of Salutica Allied Solutions To make it to the market, the project turned to crowd funding on Indiegogo, and the campaign has been a huge success. It started last September 1 and goes until October 16, but has already earned 4 times their initial US$28,000 goal. Image courtesy […]

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10 Tips for cleaning that make life easier

No one really likes cleaning and there are some jobs that can be very tiresome or nasty. However with these 10 tips for cleaning jobs, your life will be much easier. 1 Use an onion to clean your grill [Image Courtesy of 9gag] If you take half a white onion and stab it with a long fork, you can rub it over a hot grill and it will clean it, along with adding flavour the next time you use it for cooking. 2 Clean your blender [Image Courtesy of 9gag] To clean your blender you can fill it with warm […]

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Compact plastic water tank home you can pull with your bike

A design company from New York have come up with an alternative home that is made from water tanks that have been recycled. The Taku Tanku is a tiny home which can be pulled along by a bicycle and it has a bed and a desk inside. It is a very basic home, more of a shelter really, as it has no bathroom or plumbing. [Image Courtesy of StereoTank] The tiny house was made of 3,000 one litre water tanks, all of which have been connected using a ring of wood that frames the entrance way. The house is only […]

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Students developing nail polish that can detect date rape drugs in drinks

A team of four undergraduate students at North Carolina State University calling themselves Unercover Colors have revealed interesting plans to develop a nail polish that will detect whether there are any date rape drugs present in drinks. The idea is simple yet genius and could easily see large spread success if it sees full commercial fruition. [Image Courtesy of Neil Milne, BuzzBuzzNailArt] “With our nail polish, any woman will be empowered to discreetly ensure her safety by simply stirring her drink with her finger,” says their Facebook page. So whilst stirring your drink with your finger doesn’t sound the most pleasant […]

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Windowless Jet Gives You a 360-Degree Panoramic View

Those who often travel by plane know that except for landing and taking off, looking out the window can get quite boring after hours of seeing nothing but clouds. To solve this problem and make flights a bit more interesting, the French company Technicon Design thought of a stylish solution. Presented at the NBAA business aviation show in 2013, and winner of interior design at the International Yacht & Aviation Award this year, IXION is a simple but innovative concept of a plane without windows, but giant panel screens. The IXION windowless Jet concept is an aircraft without any windows […]